Sycamore fisheries

9th July , peg 18 Silver birch


After Saturday’s third on here i was eager for a return to Sycamore fisheries and so off i headed to contest the Weds evening rover match , i had been up to practise far bank work for a few hours the day before and had done well using bandit pellet over ground-bait . The weather leading up to the match had been reasonably nice but today it had turned rather windy blowing from the east which would have a bearing on how i tackle my peg and how well it will fish , i did have a quick look at which areas where taking the brunt off the wind so i would have a better idea where i wanted to fish .

When i got back to the cabin i paid the pools and picked a numbered ball out the bag to see how far done the line i was to choose a peg , luckily for me i was in the top half which would give me a chance of getting some were half decent .When it came for my turn i decided to go on peg 18 Silver birch the same one as i had last week , were i did ok catching 38lb of barbel and with what i learned yesterday i could hopefully get the extra few fish required to frame .


As i got to my home for the day i settled on three lines ;

Margin , i plumbed up tight against the near bank four meters down the side where it was 1 foot deep and someone had cut back the reeds , i choose to do this on my left hand side because it would offer me better control over my rig and i intended to feed this every thirty minutes with a cup of ground-bait . My rig was a matrix 0.3 series three float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 gamma pellet hook .


Near margin ,this was the line which i have had the most success with on here and i expected it to do the business tonite with the barbel , i spent a while plumbing up to find a flat spot about 2 ft from the near bank reeds and would feed a kinder pot of maggots every five minutes . My rig was a 0.3 speedy float with a spread bulk of number 10 stotz , the main line was 0.12 garbo with a six-inch 0.10 garbo hook length attached and my hook was a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Far bank , after the previous days success fishing across to the far bank i was eager to give this line a go under match conditions , i planned on kicking off this line by cupping in a ball of ground-bait and the kinder potting in half of 4mm pellets and half of ground-bait after every couple of fish but with the wind being blustery i would need to wait for later in the match to give it a try . My rig was a matrix 0.3 series three float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 f1 hook which had a micro bait band attached .

When the all in sounded i potted in some bait on to my margin swim and proceeded to kinder pot in maggots on my near slope , this is where i planned to start the match but things were not going to plan with only a couple of f1s making the way to the net but on looking round all Silver birch was fishing hard and thinking back at last weeks match it was the same but it did come really strong towards the end .So with the wind still to blustery to go across and with their being a few fish topping i decided to have a go shallow with pellet , i began loose feeding a dozen pellets at first to try to get the fish competing but they wasn’t having any of it and the odd fish i was picking up where well worth working hard for because they was big stamp stockies around the 2 lb mark .



Slapping the rig seemed to work better than feeding which proved my point about them not wanting a munch tonite , after losing a fish which bottomed my elastic out and just kept going i decided to retry the near slope while i let the shallow swim settle . I had been continuously loose feeding this line so i expected some sort of response and it was far from the usual liner city but a total lack of any indications , when out of the blue my float buried and i felt the jag jag of a barbel had they turned up at last but the answer to that was no with a small tench being my next few fish .


So a return to shallow was in order as this was my only line that i could get a bite from , i had cut back on the feeding and concentrated on slapping-tapping to try to provoke a response . This seemed to work better but it was noticeable that all my fish were stamp stockies and i even had one touching 3 lb which was big for in here it put up a really good fight on my matrix orange elastic .

The wind had eased a bit so a few people decided to try long and i would keep a keen eye on how they fared , we were now approaching the last ninety minutes so i re tried my near slope and the same thing as before happened a quick barbel then a few tench it was really beginning to do my head in as to why they wouldn’t settle like on earlier matches here .

I tried my really tight margin swim which i had fed for two hours but only a few liners ensued and with these two areas not producing i wouldn’t be challenging for a framing position tonite , i decided to concentrate on my shallow line for the rest of the match because at least this produced a few bites but i just couldn’t  get the fish competing and i even tried maggot but this only produced a solitary f1 .


When the all out sounded it was the end of a rather puzzling match , i had managed to get a few shallow which would have certainly been enough for me to frame if either of my margin swims had produced and why they hadn’t been was something for me to ponder about as i wont be able to fish the evening match for the next couple of weeks .

Yet again over 60 lb was needed to win and about half a dozen 50 lb plus weights contested the framing positions , my 22 fish went a surprising 31 lb which goes to show the size of the carp you can get shallow on pellet and my catch was the second best weight off Silver birch and all the bigger weights came from Rowans with peg 28 the one i had got third from on Saturday produced a similar weight , i was kicking my self at not choosing it again but it is usually a bad area to find your self in .

Off to Hall lane to fish Merlins on Sunday for the next Balmoral club match and i have heard some good + bad things about it but we will see how things pan out .



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