Sycamore Fisheries

Peg five Silver birch , 21st July


After over a week without being able to get on the bank i took a rare opportunity to have a couple of hours on Sycamore fisheries after work , the weather leading up to today has been really nice with some blue skies and little in the way of wind you could say it was almost summer like . On arrival at the venue i decided to fish on the low numbered side of Silver birch because i hadn’t fished those pegs for a while and it had also thrown up a few nice weights on the weekends open match .


I settled down half way down the stretch on number five and i had hoped to try fishing soft pellet at 3 ft deep along the far slope as this is a method of fishing that can really aggravate me at times suffering missed bites and not being able to put a run of fish together the only way to improve it though is practise practise practise , so after spending quite some time carefully plumbing up and finding a spot to fish which was reasonably flat with only a gentle slope because i had a theory that maybe i wasn’t fishing in the correct place along the far-bank and that my loose fed was being spread all over the slope which might cause the missed bites or foul hooked fish ?

I also had two rigs that i wanted to compare ;

0.3 scone float , 0.12 garbo line with a spread bulk of number 10 stotz my hook length was 0.10 garbo with a size 18 gamma pellet hook attached .

0.2 scone float  , 0.12 garbo line with a spread bulk of number 11 stotz my hook length was 0.10 garbo with a size 20 gamma pellet hook attached .

I was just about to get started when Phil the owner came over for a chat and i found out that people had been really struggling to catch on the deck with pellets in matches , not what i wanted to hear as that’s all that i had brought with me but i am sure they would have it while there wasn’t that many fishing along my bank .

1/2 pint micros

1/2 pint 4 mm pellets

1/2 pint ground-bait

When i finally got sorted i shipped out to 11 meters and emptied a large kinder pot of feed , i then lowered my pellet in among it but it was liner city with fish swimming through my line and rubbing against the stotz on my rig . After lift-dropping failed to entice a bite i shipped back out to re-feed and when i tapped it out the surface around my float exploded with fish taking the bait on the way down ! ! !


May be i needed to add some more water to my feed so i could make marble sized balls which would go straight to the bottom and therefore drag the fish to the deck , this kind of solved the problem because after a couple of feeds i began getting proper bites and little in the way of liners . I was catching a few fish not the hoped for f1s mainly hand sized silvers , i did pick up the odd stockie but the bigger fish wasn’t for settling in that depth of water .

So i decided to try something else that i need practise fishing and mixed up some paste , i have just started using the one to one paste and am still not sure about using it because it does seem to break up a bit easy for my liking so maybe a return to good old swim stim is in order , i decided to fish this on my left hand margin where it was 3 ft deep and another rig was set up .

0.4 scone float , with 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 14 turbertini 808 hook

But even at this close range i was still having trouble with the fish being shallow because they kept taking the balls of paste on the drop , at least this time they were worth catching at nearly 2 lb a piece and when i did finally get it to the bottom my float was never still but i wasn’t even getting any of the proper gazunder paste bites , more like lots of tiny dips or lifts which i couldn’t connect with and i decided to stiffen half my paste up to see if this would help but it didn’t seem too maybe i had too many fish in the peg or it might have been too far away from the margin reeds .


I decided to try paste on another part of my peg which was this time on my right hand margin at the side of some flattened  rushes where i had found 2ft depth my first few drops with the harder paste in a pea sized piece , this produced a couple of f1s plus a barbel but it wasn’t long before the tiny dips and lifts returned .


I decided to shorten my soft pellet rig and go over the top of my paste line with it , my first drop resulted in a two-inch crucian the another and another it was black down their with them which solved a problem as to why my paste line didn’t work properly . After a while the bigger stamp of carp moved in and i was back catching a decent fish every put in .


But all too soon it was time for me to call time on a rather confusing fishing session where i didn’t really learn much and it resulted in about thirty pounds of f1s plus silvers in under three hours but i have no doubt that if i had fished pellet or maggot shallow i could have doubled that catch easily .


There is our next club match on Blundells Ash Pool at the weekend and i am along with a few others are going to miss it because recent matches on their have been dreadful with only mid twenty pound nets needed to win and thats with only half the pegs being taken so with a full lake of anglers on it could be dreadful , sorry lads for booking it again but they did promise a re-stocking after last years awful match when all the ide did a disappearing act .





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