Orrcherton house fishery

Balmoral club match eight , August 3rd peg 28

Well we are soon coming to the end of my last year at Balmoral angling club and today we headed off to Orrcherton house which was somewhere that i had never done well on because it is a big open water where pellet waggler and straight lead seemed to be the method which is not my style of fishing . A few of the club had been on fishing the opens before hand trying to gain an advantage which is usual for us but i was sticking to what i had said at the start , just fishing the club match on each venue and so far it has worked for me because i am still second overall with my worst result being a sixth at Widdows which i am still disappointed with .

Anyway back to todays match after getting caught up by the cyclists doing the tour de standish on the way their i arrived a bit later than i had planned , so after having a quick walk around to check that my pegging was correct and for a change i didn’t have to change many there was only one which was a bit iffy 28 or 33 so with the wind blowing off your back on 28 we choose to put that one in . I also noticed that their was about a dozen big carp dead in various parts of the lake not really a good sign but it is a water which is put under a lot of match pressure and after paying the remaining balance to the owner i got told that it was now booked up for the next two years it just goes to show how well it does with club bookings .

When we started the draw one by one all the better pegs went and i was left with peg 28 which suited me fine with the wind blowing in a good direction for a novice pellet waggler angler , if anything it was probably a bit too sheltered and i had a feeling that the shallow fish would be down the other end of the lake but if the forecast heavy rain turned up it wouldn’t be in my face . I had been told by a few people who it might be worth trying shallow for the f1s because if they was in your peg in numbers you could compete with the pellet waggler caught carp and i was more confident fishing the pole .


Shallow fishing were Matrix series 3 floats 0.3 , 0.12 garbo main line direct to a size 18 guru lwg hook which had a micro bait band attached .

Margin fishing , 0.4 malmams speedy float with 0.14 garbo main line direct to a size 16 guru lwg hook .

Drennon red pellet waggler rod , a loaded 8 gram garbo pellet waggler with 6lb reel line and 5lb garbo hook length which had a size 16 guru pellet waggler hook attached was a mini bait band .

Maver reactorlite feeder rod ,  8 lb maver genesis main line with a half ounce straight lead and a 2 ft hook length of 0.14 garbo line and my hook was a size 16 guru circle hook which had a mini bait band attached .

With carp+f1s being the main target species and lots of small silvers present it just had to be an all out pellet attack today .


2 pints 4mm pellets

2 pints 8 mm pellets

2 pints 10 mm pellets

1 tin hemp

1 tin corn

When the all in sounded i shipped out to 14 meters and began loose feeding 4mm hard pellets , i started on my deep shallow rig it didn’t take long before i started getting indications on my float but they were very hard to hit so just your usual finicky f1 bites on pressured waters . I kept the feed going in and slowly but surely i started catching not the stamp of f1 i was hoping for at 8oz a piece , i persevered though in the hope of picking up a bigger fish or the odd carp which were topping just out of pole range .

After ninety minutes the f1s drifted out of my peg following the breeze and i also noticed the odd carp coming out so reluctantly i had to pick up the pellet waggler and i had fired out some 8-10mm pellets out at 25 meters , on my first cast the rod was nearly pulled out of my hands carp number one was in the net and at nearly 7lb a decent fish . It took a while before i had my next bite which is usual when pellet waggler fishing this one was a similar size to my other but unfortunately it broke me just as i was about to slide my landing net under it .

I hastily re-set up and on this new rig i began missing bites so i kept changing depths but i just couldn’t connect with them and after the match i found out that they had used 6mm pellets with 20-18 hooks because these little dinks were from the bigger 2lb plus f1s which had taken over from the carp in here , so obviously the 8-10mm pellets that i was using were too big and this proved a point when my next two fish came off on the way in but i did manage another decent carp and found 3ft to be the best depth .

With two hours remaining i noticed the bottom fizzing where i had been firing out the pellets so i flicked out the straight lead with an 8mm pellet on the hook and even before i could tighten the line up on my tip rod it was getting pulled out of my hands with carp number three making its way to the net .But as my peg was surrounded by reeds i couldn’t put the rod out to the side like i would normally do and i had to have it almost pointing at the lead , which resulted in a few crack offs on the take with them being so savage even on 5lb hook lengths and i had to stop fishing to make up a fresh one which had 7lb line on it this worked well with no further breakages and i began putting some carp in the net again .

We was fast approaching the last forty minutes and i had fed my left hand margin for two hours , so i decided to give it a try hoping that some carp had settled their although i felt it could be a touch deep at 5 ft ,with a piece of corn on the hook i was soon catching fish not the carp-f1s but silvers around the 8oz mark and usually i would be happy catching these but i felt that i needed another carp or two so i put out the straight lead again , as you will find out later this was a mistake because it never went round and i only missed out on third by just 2lb which i could have caught in silvers but thats match fishing for you .

Overall i think that i had fished a good match maybe a bit under prepared on pellet size and hook lengths but i felt that i did things at the correct times picking fish up from every swim and i had probably lost at least four carp if not more which would have made a huge difference in my last weight , it isn’t one of my favorite waters with the tactics needed to well not those that i am comfortable using so i was pleased to get my best result from the venue with my seven carp going just under 40lb and overall it fished very well as everyone had over 20lb with the top two weights being 68lb-65lb .

I have the next week of work so of course i will be getting back on the bank starting with the open at Partridge lakes and hopefully i will have a chance of beating my match record and then i will be back there on Sunday to fish the next to the last match of Balmoral A C season on Ribbon which is another venue i haven’t fished before , i might even try to sneak in the Sycamore evening match in to depending on the weather .


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