Partridge lakes

peg 83 on 5th August

After having taken a weeks break from work i decided on a return to Partridge lakes to contest the open match as i hadn’t been here for over a month ,i wanted to see if i could beat my record on their which would be easier to do mid-week because there was less anglers present and today there was around forty people here .With the draw being at 930 it gave me chance to grab a buttie and have a walk round as i wanted to check the pegs for Balmoral angling club next match on Ribbon lake , there was also the junior match aid taking place here today so lots of the big name Preston innovations anglers knocking about and the amount of people here looked like a typical Sunday open match .

When it came to draw time i pulled out peg 83 on Covey 4 which was in a good area but you do need a ripple on here to do well but today it was flat calm and sunny with whatever breeze there was going away from me blowing towards Spey canal , i had come with a plan on how i wanted to fish my peg today and that was ;

1, to fish against the far-bank reeds where i plumbed up to find just 2ft which was a bit shallower than i expected , i intended to loose feed maggots and try to draw the fish from the cover , i was also constantly laying in my rig to mimic the falling maggots and the rig i used was a Matrix series 3 float size 0.2 which had 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 guru lwg hook .

2, my next line was tight against the mud bank were when i plumbed up i found six-inch and a relatively clean-flat bottom , i wanted to fish maggot over ground-bait which had worked well on venues that i had fished recently , although it is a method which i needed some more practise on doing and my rig was a Matrix series 3 float size 0.2 which had a 0,12 garbo direct to a size 18 guru lwg hook .

3, my near side line was plumbed up at both sides were handily some one had done a bit of gardening so i could fish a lot closer to the bank , when i plumbed up i found the same 2 ft depth on both areas which meant only one rig was needed and i used a 0.3 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 16 guru lwg hook because i planned on using sweetcorn here .

So that was the plan for today lets see how things went , as the all in sounded i began cattying in a few maggots every few minutes and like i mentioned before i was continuously laying my rig through the feed but every time my bait reached the deck i hooked a gudgeon or silver fish which isn’t what i wanted so i increased the feed but twenty minutes in and still no f1-carp . I scraped this idea because i didn’t want to fall too far behind and went on my mud bank line , i started by putting a small cupping kit full of ground-bait and would top it up after every fish with a large kinder pot because i didn’t want to draw too many into the peg foul hooking fish in the process which can be a real problem using this method .It wasn’t long before the fish were slurping against the mud bank with their banks out of the water, after a few line bites my elastic soon ripped out of my pole tip with carp number one coming to the net and at around 5lb it was a nice start , a couple more followed in the first hour before i began foul hooking  fish even after my careful feeding .

I had been loose feeding my shallow line since the start of the match and when i spotted a few swirls i decided to drop on it which would also give my mud bank swim a rest , it seemed strange that even though they were obviously really shallow i couldn’t get an indication on my six-inch rig but when i went onto my 2ft rig i began picking up a few fish , they wasn’t coming thick and fast but in 2s or 3s with the odd better carp mixed in between the bigger stamp f1 , they was really making me work hard to keep catching by constantly changing depths-feeding patterns .

With two hours remaining i noticed bubbles coming up from the deck under where i had been loose feeding maggots , which meant that most of the bait had reached the bottom which proved my theory that their was not many f1s in the area so i hastily set up another rig and after having a bite first drop i thought that i had finally found some fish but after foul hooking an f1 on my next try that was that . So back shallow i went but before i did i cupped in two lots of ground-bait plus corn on to both my margins for the last hour , i was still picking the odd fish up in the water but strangely they were mainly carp and not the hoped for f1s .

So my last chance for me to build up a good weight would be from the margin , my first look on to the right produced a few indications but nothing i could hit , i decided to change for double maggot and first drop using this bait produced a gudgeon then another then another not exactly what i wanted to catch .On my right hand margin this didn’t even produce an indication , so for the last forty minutes i concentrated on my shallow line picking up the odd fish including a near 8lb carp and a big f1 right on the whistle .

The end was called on a rather frustrating day i felt that i had fished the right areas today but there didn’t seem enough f1s in my peg and you definitely need two areas that will produce fish for you if you want to break the ton on here the 37 fish i had got me 75lb so not far off getting my record and i learned a bit today after having a few weeks away from their and i am looking forward to going back to try again after my club season finishes especially when it goes a bit colder and back to soft pellet fishing .




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