Lathom fisheries pond one

Peg 2 , 7th August

With the weather still being nice i decided to have a few hours fishing and wanted to go somewhere a bit different so with our last match taking place at Lathom that is where i choose to go , i had planned on fishing the normal match hours and got to the venue for 9 am but i was still surprised to find that most lakes were nearly full especially on pond one which is where i wanted to fish it just proves how well Lathom is fishing now .

In my opinion i have found that the early pegs on the pond aren’t usually the best but other than plonk myself in between two anglers i had no option and settled on peg two , i had decided to keep things a little simple so a choose just a couple of lines and bait these where ;

Shallow 1ft+2ft 0.3 series three matrix float with 0.12 garbo direct to a kamasam size 18 f1 hook which had a micro bait band , i choose to fish at 6 meters and would loose feed six pellets every couple of minutes for the first hour before upping the feed when i went on it mid-match .

Paste 4ft deep on top four line , i used a 0.4 scone jadz float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a turbertini 808 hook and i decided to fish that at 4 meters so would feed half a cup of 4mm pellets and a nugget of swim stim paste , i fished this line for the first and last hour of the match .

Bait today was just your basic ;

3 pints 4mm pellets

1 pint swim stim paste

4+6mm hard pellets

At 10 am i was ready to start and began on my paste line it took me a few attempts to get my float to settle correctly and the bottom was rather uneven but it all went towards feeding the peg , it didn’t take long before i began getting indications and at first they was easy to hit with some nice sized f1s coming to the net i also had a run of tench including one approaching the 4lb mark which is my biggest of the season so far , but with me feeding pellets on my paste line i began getting lots of line bites from the fish up in the water and with me catching about twenty in the first hour i decided to let my paste line settle before going on to my shallow swim .

I started on my 2ft rig and upped my feed , by constantly laying my rig through the feed i began getting bites , it didn’t take long before the fish were swirling on the surface and i swapped rigs for my shallower one . This increased my catch rate considerably i did notice that slapping worked better than tapping which i thought was strange because i find the former is usually best for f1s , feeding while i was unhooking the fish rather than when my rig was in the water cut down on foul hookers considerably but apart from that it was all pretty straight forward although the paste fish were a bit bigger and in the middle three hours i added another forty f1s .

It was approaching the last hour and with me still having some paste left i decided to give it another go but this time i cut out the pellets and reduced the ball of paste to the size of a pea , this increased my catch rate too which included some nice skimmers and finally i managed to get among some proper carp including some around the 5lb mark . As i called time on my practise match i ended up with nearly 80 fish over 1lb plus a few around 3-5lb and i even had one take my bare hook from the margin while i was packing up my gear , so all in all i had a good days fishing and it looks like the match on their will be a fitting end to my days at Balmoral Angling Club .


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