Gorses farm fishery , formerly Nicks farm

August 12th , peg five

Gorses farm

This was my last chance to get back on to the bank before my wife goes away for a fortnight with work , i had planned on going to Sycamore fishery but after speaking to my mate he informed me that Nicks farm in Aspull was fishing really well at the moment and as i hadn’t been there for nearly four years so i decided a return was in order .

The weather during the day while i was at work wasn’t the best with strong winds and the occasional heavy shower but it was forecast to be hopefully a bit better in the afternoon , i arrived at the venue around three and it is your basic style of water with it being square in shape it also has twenty pegs with a very small island in the middle , from what i remembered on my last visit it had a big stocking of carp mainly mirrors and a few skimmers-silvers . Their was five other anglers on the lake so i thought it must be fishing well although i didn’t see anyone catch while i was setting up and you are always a bit apprehensive when visiting somewhere new or a place you haven’t been for a while , i decided to target it the same as i did at Lathom last week so i could practise my paste fishing because i do struggle using it for small stamp f1s-carp .

peg five

My to rigs  today was ;

Paste-5 ft deep and used a 0.4 scone jadz float with two size eight stotz half way down the 0.12 garbo line my hook was a turbertini 808 with 12s preston duro elastic .

Shallow-2ft deep i used a 0,3 matrix series three float with a bulk of size ten stotz under the float with one dropper , my 0.12 garbo line was direct to a size 18 kamasan f1 hook and elastic was 12s preston duro .

My bait was your basic ;

1 pint green swim-stim

2 pints 4mm pellets

Small tub mixed hard pellets

bait table

At 330 i was ready to get started and shipped out to four meter i didn’t really want to go further out because of the wind which might make controlling the float a bit problematic i had plumbed up to find a reasonably flat bottom anyway , i deposited my ball of paste plus some 4mm pellets and surprisingly my float settled just right the first time , i waited a few minutes with no indications so i shipped back in and re-fed the same amount as at the start but this time my float slid straight away and fish number one made a spirited fight before hitting the net which was a nice little mirror carp around 8 oz and was the smallest of the day .

8 oz mirror carp

I was soon getting into a steady rhythm with a fish or missed bite coming every time i shipped out and they was gradually getting bigger with the average stamp now approaching nearly 2 lb all bar one was a mirror carp , in the first hour i had twenty fish and i had begun getting a few liners with the odd carp taking the paste as it fell , which was my sign to pick up the shallow rig and i started at 2ft deep because their was nothing showing on the surface .

2 lb mirror carp

I began getting line bites straight away so i had plenty fish in front of me but i needed to go shallower to find them and when i did get the correct depth it was a fish a chuck , still all mirrors though and like all good shallow anglers i got into a routine ;

feed before i shipped out

slap my rig a couple of times to mimic the loose feed

hook a fish re-feed then ship back in

By doing this i had thirty fish in the middle hour and it looked like showing no signs of stopping but i was running out of pellets so i decided to go back on to my paste line for the last hour , as i thought it would it took a few drops to get them back on the deck and cut out the 4mm pellets to try to concentrate them back on the bottom , they was soon back feeding confidently and yet again i was catching or missing a bite every time i went in . With thirty minutes left it started going dark with some nasty rain clouds making their way over the hill , i hoped that it might pass over me but i wasnt that lucky and it began lashing it down so for the second time in two fishing trips i got soaked , the fish was still feeding well so i decided to stick it out and pack up when it had passed by .

biggest mirror carp of the day

When i called time on my session i had caught nearly 70 fish in three hours for between 80-90 lb all mirror carp except for a solitary common carp and a surprise barbel which i didn’t even know was in the lake but a lot has probably changed since my last visit here the fish have certainly grown too , it was a good practise for my last club match at Lathom fishery and i would recommend coming to Gorses farm to anyone that fancies a good days fishing or wanting to try out a new method because it’s stuffed with fish although a bit of variety would have been nice and next time i think my tip rod might get a workout casting towards the island .

little barbel


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