ULC Match 7, 13.07.14, Lathom Fisheries – Pond 1


Weather: 18c Sunny Intervals, NW 15mph, Air Pressure 1010

I had a chance to fish Lathom the day before the match as there was no match on it.  I got to the fishery about noon on the Saturday and found that Timmy, who I had arranged to meet there, was already set up on peg 10 so I decided to set up on peg 12.  It was basically fish after fish and we probably could have caught over 200lb each if we settled on catching F1’s but we were both experimenting and trying to get through the F1’s and catch some of the bigger carp, but what ever we did the F1’s would be straight on the feed.  The wind had been lightly blowing towards peg 1 for that last couple of days but was due to change and blow towards the opposite corner for the day of the match. What…

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6 thoughts on “ULC Match 7, 13.07.14, Lathom Fisheries – Pond 1

      • Lathom 1 is fishing well. We got Rivington, Wrightington Fishery on Sunday. I’ve got no idea on this place – hopefully I will get open water with a ripple and get hem shallow.

      • Another good venue I got second last year with nearly 50lb and had 40lb in the last hour using paste in the margin at 3ft deep . Maggot really tight to the bank will catch you barbel and you don’t want the bottom of the lake or right hand side of the island as yoy look at it from the carpark

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