Lathom pond one

24th August , peg 11


Well it has soon come round to the last club match of the season and my final one with Balmoral AC , i have enjoyed my four years there and had a little bit of success along the way with me winning ;

Division three winner in 2011

Overall club winner in 2013

Runner up in 2014

But there has also been a few disagreements to sort out over the years and its been quite stressful running the club on your own ,so i would recommend to who ever decides to take over that they nominate a couple of people to help with everything to make it a bit easier. Back to todays match i had wanted everything to go well but the harder you try the more it usually goes wrong , but it never really happened like that today and without going into too much detail , it wasn’t how i would have liked to finish my time at the club .

Today we only had a dozen anglers fishing because a few members of the club was on a fishing holiday and with us having most of the lake i was able to peg one miss one which will make the fishing better hopefully , i had been up for a practise the previous week and done extremely well so i was expecting some big weights and one lad who had been on a few times in the week decided he would try to break the long-standing club record which stood at 99lb and to be fair he did just that so well done to him .

After the draw i ended up on peg eleven which was in the middle of the bay which also had the benefit of the bit of breeze blowing in to it , but the last few matches we have fished on here this area never usually throws up decent weights and we also had a couple of good anglers on the better pegs plus my section was the hardest of the three so i could be up against it today .

When i got to my peg i had already decided on how i would like to target it and i was really happy with my margin swim too , the areas i wanted to fish where ;

Shallow 1ft+2ft , i used a matrix series three float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a guru LWG hook which had a micro band attached , elastic was size 12 preston durro

Pellet deck 6 meter ,i used a 4×14 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 hook length which had a size 18 gamma pellet hook attached and my elastic was matrix 12s red .

Paste  meter , i used a 0.3 scone float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a turbertini 808 hook and my elastic was matrix 12s red ,

Margin ,  i used a 0.2 scone float with 0.14 garbo direct to a guru size 16 LWG hook and my elastic was matrix 14s yellow

I had found it best to feed quite heavy on here to keep the fish in the peg so i brought with me ;

1 pint paste

3 pint of 4mm pellets

2 tins of corn

1 tin of hemp

1 tub of hard hook pellets

1 tub of mixed expanders

When the all in sounded i went on to my four meter line and cupped in a full pot of 4mm pellets before proceeding to drop a pea sized piece of paste over the top i decided to use a piece this size because i had expected to be mainly targeting f1s and i would also cut out the pellet feed if it brought the fish up in the water which was a problem on my last visit here .It took a few attempts to get my float set right but it all went towards feeding the peg and i was soon getting indications but not from the f1s though but from proper carp averaging over 2lb a piece so i increased the paste to the size of a conker which helped attract the better stamp of fish .


In the first couple of hours i had thirty fish in the net and seemed to be doing better than all but one other angler , my swim was starting to struggle though and i needed another part of my peg to produce to keep on catching . I had been loose feeding pellets on to my six meter line since the match started but strangely i had only seen the odd one top where when i practised the week before it was black with fish shallow , maybe the recent cold weather had pushed them lower in the water so i decided to start on my deeper shallow rig first to see what response i got but it wasn’t great with only a few line bites so i tried increasing the feed to try to force the fish up in the water but this didn’t work either .

I figured with the amount of pellets going in that their must be some fish in the area so i tried my deck rig with an expander on the hook but this did not produce a bite either and maybe the water was a bit too deep at six meters but i do know that i had just wasted forty minutes without putting a fish in the net not what i wanted .

With two hours remaining of the match i decided to start feeding the left hand margin with four big pots of hemp plus corn , i also made the bold or stupid decision to put my second net in and while i left my margin to settle so went back on to my paste swim which took a while to get going again after being neglected for an hour , i was relieved to finally start getting indications again but the fish i began catching now were f1s instead of carp so i reduced the paste size again which increased the amount of bites that i hit .


I noticed a swirl from a big carp at the side of the reeds where i had potted in the bait so i took the opportunity to give my margin rig a go with double corn on the hook , i had purposely left all the float bristle showing so i wouldn’t be tempted to strike at any little dinks which would have only resulted in foul hooked fish . My first proper bite resulted in yards of yellow 14s matrix elastic streaming from the pole tip , after struggling to get it under control for about five minutes i had a near double figured carp in the net which was a bonus and another smaller one followed before i started getting bites from silvers so a couple more pots of feed went in before i returned to my paste rig .


A few more f1s came to my four meter line before after about twenty minutes the fish were back in the margin , so a quick change of rig resulted in a couple more carp before i hooked something heavy which just plodded about then headed off into open water before the hook pulled and i felt that it must have been foul hooked , a few more cups went in and by rotating between the two swims i kept fish coming for the rest of the match apart from in the last ten minutes when i had run out of corn+hemp so i decided to feed pellets which strangely killed my margin .

When the all out sounded i was unsure if i had done enough to end my time at Balmoral AC with a win but i had certainly caught a few fish , as it turned out it was probably the best club match that i had been involved in with lots of weights around the 50lb mark . It was between me and one other lad for the match win , he had caught constantly all day where i had a bigger stamp but the quiet hour would most certainly cost me and it did with my 53 fish going 94lb but he put 106lb on the scales for the match win and new club record , So well done you fished a great match . 

It was a closer result than a few people in the club had thought and it was a fitting result to end my time at the club because i have lost count on the amount of matches that i had just fell short of winning in my four years with them ,it was just a real shame that it ended up the way it did  but to be honest i didn’t expect any less from some members in the club .

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my club fishing exploits and i have booked some good matches for Balmoral AC next year i just hope that they find someone good enough to take over from me . I think that you will like my open match blogs that i will be doing from now on and i know it is going to be a real step up for me , i have no doubt it will be a steep learning curve but i am looking forward to it .

3 thoughts on “Lathom pond one

  1. Well done Gary – top weights! It’s difficult running a club, especially when you do it all yourself. I did it this way for a year and got really stressed with it. The lads seen this and offered to help and now the pegging out, collecting pools, the draw and the weighing in is taken care of by other members and it makes a big difference. They’re gonna miss ya!

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