Sycamore fishery

Silver birch peg 13 , September 28th


With my wife coming home from work for the weekend i thought that i would take the opportunity to fish the open at Sycamore fishery , so after a few frantic phone calls i managed to get booked on but the owner told me that it was taking place on just Silver birch which is the worst of the match canals although the weds open was won with over 80lb from their but only 8 anglers was on each lake so they all had some room since today every peg was taken and i was expecting it to fish hard , i thought that a mid twenty pound weight would be enough for the win which worked out at about 5 fish an hour .

The weather recently had been pretty good with warm blue skies and a gentle breeze but the down side was the high pressure with cold nights although i wasnt sure the water had cooled down that much just yet , so i was at a bit of a quandary on how best to fish it today especially the depth of my near shelf rig and in the end i settled on 4ft the same as i fished on here last time .

As i arrived at the fishery there was plenty cars+people knocking about because their was two club matches taking place plus the open which goes to show how well thought after the venue is and i expect it to start producing some extremely big weights in the next few years if the fish growing at the same rate , in the days leading up to the match i had looked at some of my past blogs from here were you needed 50-60 fish for thirty pound required to frame but these days that amount of fish would get you around 80lb and surprisingly a lot of the same faces are still fishing it now .


After the draw my home for the day was unlucky for some peg thirteen but not for me as you will find out later , i was in what i felt would be the right area going from earlier match results and i was also on the main straight so no awkward corner pegs to contend with , this meant that i should have a reasonable match regarding tactics .

4ft deep near slope at three meters ,4×12 malmams benny float with 0.12 garbo line which has a spread bulk of number ten stotz and my hook was a size 18 guru lwg my elastic was red matrix .

2ft deep far slope at eleven meters , 4×10 malmams benny float with 0.12 garbo line which has a spread bulk of number 11 stotz and my hook was a size 18 guru lwg my elastic was orange matrix .

Margin , 4×12 malmams diamond float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 guru lwg hook and my elastic was preston duro 12 .

5ft deep in the channel to my right , 4×14 malmams speedy float which had a spread bulk of number nine stotz my line was 0.12 garbo with a size 18 guru lwg hook .

Bait was just ,

3 pints maggots

tub of sweet corn


As the all in sounded i started on my top three-line directly in front of me and began drip feeding maggots through a large kinder pot , it took about ten minutes to get my first indication and not long after it i had my first fish which was an f1 about 1lb not a bad start to the day , i felt that even in these match conditions i wasnt feeding heavy enough so i began loose feeding maggots every couple of minutes this produced a fe more f1s but it also brought them up of the deck and i began suffering from line bites-foul hooked fish in fact after i had fed if i counted to ten i would get an indication on my float so i changed to my two foot deep rig which was at half depth this resulted in just a solitary fish and a surprisingly lack of indications .

Because i was catching a few fish which was a lot better than those anglers around me i probably stayed on this line a bit to long and with seven fish in the first ninety minutes i took the opportunity to rest this line and went on my eleven meter 2ft deep rig where i had flicked maggots every five minutes so i expected an immediate response , the first drop resulted in a nice carp before a barbel muscled in on the action but this signaled the start of a series of missed and then a quiet spell which lasted over an hour .

My channel rig to my right where i had been big potting with maggots every thirty minutes for the opening two hours failed to produce a single bite and another look on my top three-line produced a few quick barbel before they disappeared just as quickly as they had turned up , my margin failed to produce a bite and a look on to my 11m line again only produced a couple of hard to hit indications . I decided to shallow the depth of this rig and long line towards the mud-bank on my first flick the float buried had i finally found some much sort after carp but no just a tench and a chub which was spewing up maggots a sure sign of no decent fish being in the area and i decided to scrap that idea going back to my original plan .

With ninety minutes of the match remaining i decided to go heavy with the maggots on my top three-line to try to force the issue ( shit or bust time) which would hopefully keep the fish on the deck and thankfully this worked a treat with this time a run of carp coming to the net but when i foul hooked one which i lost at the net my swim needed a rest , another ten minutes spent on all my other lines resulted in no indications but the time away from my three meter line had dome it the world of good with a couple more carp including one on the whistle was my reward .

I was unsure how i had got on but it had obviously fished hard with plenty people putting the nets out to dry not bothering to weigh in , the lad opposite me had caught a few and rumour came down the bank of some one doing well from the high numbered pegs . When the scales arrived to me i had 13lb to beat and my 18 fish went 22lb with the guy on the other bank putting 14lb on the scales so another win on Sycamore for me that’s twice in my last two visits and of course i have already booked on for next week when it is back on rowans but i have no doubt my good form will come to a crashing halt some time soon .


Overall it was a rather confusing match for me today with the top three-line being the most prolific catching eighty percent of my fish from their but they strangely seemed to come in groups of different species , by loose feeding maggots here it brought the fish up off the deck so may be big potting would have worked out better and I’m not sure about the hooks i was using either because i lifted into a few bites were the fish only stayed on for a few seconds and i also noticed my maggot bursting when hooking towards the end of the match signifying that it had become blunt .

I am surprised that none of my other lines really worked and i am just glad that i got away with it today , but at least it has given me a few things to think about before my next match which will be on Partridge lakes at the weekend .


Sycamore fisheries

Sept 14th , peg 31

Rowans canal

Rowans canal

After yesterdays good result at Partridge lakes where i had managed to win my section , i was looking forward to contesting todays match at Sycamore fisheries but with it taking place on just Rowans canal because their was a club match taking place on Silver birch which was the other match canal and therefore i expected the fishing to be quite hard although it would be the same for everyone which might make it a bit fairer .

As i was waiting for the draw i had a quick look at the results from the earlier days and it seemed that on Weds match the place to be was the low thirty numbered pegs were the wind had blown into , when it came round for my turn out i pulled corner peg 31 and it was in the right area but i do have a dislike to corner pegs on here because you can get bogged down with too many options . When i got to my peg i had the benefit of whatever little breeze there was blowing my way but it did cause a bit of a hinderance as the match progressed with scum gathering in the corner , i decided to not confuse myself and concentrate on both margins , top three and shallow which i only set up as an after thought because their was a few fish topping between the point of the island and the bank but with all the bank side pressure they soon disappeared as i began setting up.



Margin 2ft deep , malmams 0.3 float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 lwg guru hook and elastic was red matrix .

Shallow 1ft+2ft , matrix 0.3 series three float with 0.12 garbo direct to a gamma pellet hook size twenty and elastic was orange matrix .

Top three rig , malmams 0.3 winter wire  with 0.12 garbo main line which had a 0.10 garbo hook length , a size 20 gamma pellet hook and elastic was red matrix .

I had a lot of mixed maggots left from Saturdays match and my mate also gave me a few pints which he had left so i decided to concentrate on just using them today , my side tray looked rather bare compared to my usual wide choice of bait that i usually take to a match . When the all in sounded i began flicking maggots onto both margins where i had earlier plumbed up to find two foot and then started fishing on my top three directly in front of me , i started by trickling in the maggots through a large kinder pot as i expected a mid thirty pound weight to be good enough to frame today .


My first drop produced a little dink which resulted in f1 number one coming to the net and on my next put in i hadn’t even had time to empty my kinder poy before fish number two put in an appearance , if it stayed like this i could be on for a nice weight but after a couple more it began to fade and you know that your feeding isn’t correct when the tench-crucians start muscling in on the action . When this happens it is usually a sign to set up a swim elsewhere but as we was only twenty minutes into the match and the fact that i was still putting fish in the net i decided to try some different feeding patterns , it seemed to work for me as the stockies made an appearance and in the first hour i had a dozen fish over a pound plus a couple of smaller samples which was more than i caught in five hours the last time i fished a match on here .


I decided to give my top three-line a rest and tried my left hand margin where i had thrown in a dozen maggots every five minutes , i began picking up a few fish but there seemed to be a lot of fish down there because i was getting lots of line bites with them hitting my spread bulk . I changed to an on the drop shotting pattern but this was even worse as now my rig was falling right on top of the fish and i began foul hooking them , i tried fishing at half depth but strangely couldn’t get a proper indication so i presumed that the stockies where head down in the silt with their tails hitting the line and maybe i had set my margin swim in too deep water .

By the two-hour mark the scum towards my right hand was really bad and i had to bulk my shot right on top of the hook length to get it down to the deck but this didn’t stop the fish feeding though with a couple of nice carp making their way to the bank . the trouble was that some of my maggots had started to caster and was getting stuck in the surface debris this brought some big fish mouthing at them which made fishing on the deck a bit problematic , i did try to mug one with a caster but they knew what they was doing and just ignored it .


With two hours remaining and nearly thirty f1-stockies in the net i decided to have a spell fishing shallow because the fish were back topping just of the island , i started on my two foot shallow rig which had a longish leader on it because i have found that to be the best tactic when slapping for the stockies and as i was unsure what they were yet i didn’t want them to back off before i had them competing confidently . It wasn’t long before i had them lined up though with f1 after f1 coming to the net , a change of rig to one set one foot deep with only a six-inch lash between float – pole tip increased my bite conversion rate significantly and so did getting into a routine of feeding before i shipped out before slapping-tapping when my rig was in the water .

This resulted in a further twenty fish in a ninety minute spell before they just disappeared with thirty minutes of the match remaining and i should have ¬†gone back to my margin as their it is usually prolific in the last hour , but i stayed on my shallow swim and i could only get a bite by putting my rig in two meters away from where i had fed , right on the whistle i lost a big stamp carp which i knew was foul hooked because i had slapped my rig right on top of it and i just hopped that it wouldn’t cost me a chance of framing because these things usually do on open matches .


When they came to me for the weigh in i had a low fifty pound weight to beat which was a bit of a surprise as like i said at the start i expected a mid thirty pound to be enough to frame , my first net weighed 47lb and i felt it could be close as i only had a dozen fish in the other one which fortunately was enough to take the lead with sixty pound but their was still another nine pegs to weigh in but luckily for me that side did not fish well with thirty pound being the best weighed.


So three matches in to my proper open match trail and a section win at Partridge lakes plus an open match win at Sycamore fisheries so lets hope i can continue my run of form , i have a two-week break before i am back on the bank but at least it will give me a chance to spend my winnings because i also picked the bonus ball up today which meant that 350 came my way over the weekend and that will pay my match fees for the next few months .

Partridge lakes

September 13th , peg 23 Covey two

After last weekends eventful match at Partridge lakes where i drew on covey one and managed to lose more carp than i caught , i wondered just what today would bring ! ! ! As i began queuing up for the draw i noticed on the results board that covey five had done well recently but it wasn’t my style of fishing with it being small 8oz f1s the target species and the last two visits there hadn’t gone to well , so i hoped to give that covey a miss and for once i was in luck because out popped peg 23 on covey two but on the down side it wasn’t far away from where my mate had struggled last week plus it was at the side of a bridge and with it being only nine meters wide and to be honest i just didn’t fancy it .


It did although give me plenty of options but i am still finding it hard to get away from having a plan on how to fish it before i draw than asses my peg when i get to it and today i wanted to fish pellet across at 2ft deep plus in the margin with paste , my peg though didn’t really allow me to do it but i still had that mind-set and tried to make it work . The other rig that i set up was one at a foot deep which turned out to be my best one of the day and to be honest i only decided too because their was a few carp showing shallow and i thought the fish might come up of the deck as the day progressed .


1ft deep , Matrix series three float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 lwg hook and elastic was orange matrix .

2ft deep , Matrix series three float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 20 gamma pellet hook and elastic was orange matrix .

Margin 2ft deep , Malmam diamond float with 0.16 garbo main line with a 0.14 garbo hook length , the hook was a turbertini 808 and my elastic was yellow matrix .


My bait for the day was ;

1/2 pint soaked micro

1/2 pint soaked 4mm pellets

1 pint margin ground-bait

small tub of mixed expanders

2 pint mixed maggots

When the whistle went for the all in i shipped out to the far bank reeds , tapped in some micros and lowered my 4mm expander amongst it , despite lifting dropping nothing happened so a re-feed was in order but still no indications maybe they didn’t want pellets today and with this in mind i began flicking maggots towards the bridge to prepare my next line . Out of the blue my float dipped and f1 number one hit the net , was this a sign that the fish had arrived but no was the answer and i don’t know if it is me or the time of year but i just can’t seem to get pellets working recently .

I decided to give maggots a whirl at the side of the bridge i used the same rig but i altered my shotting pattern to an on the drop rig and decided to trickle in maggots through a big kinder pot to try to concentrate the fish in one spot , this worked a treat with a dozen fish coming in a forty minute spell and i just began thinking that it could be a red-letter day when they started to back off changing depths-feeding patterns brought me a few more fish . So with half the match remaining i began feeding my left hand margin with three cups of ground-bait and while i let it settle i tried across to the far-bank again this time with maggots but with only a few small rudd-ide to show for it .


My first drop on to my margin with paste didn’t get the response that i had hoped for , with very little in the way of line bites or indications on the float a change to a bunch of maggots brought a couple of bites and one that i did connect with was a large carp but unfortunately it popped off the hook within a few seconds so i decided on a re-feed and decided to concentrate my efforts for the time being on my only line that had produced a run of fish which was at the side of the bridge .

As their was still a few fish cruising through shallow i decided to give my 1 ft rig ago and this was a bit of a master stroke with it producing another good run of fish including a carp of around 4lb which gave me a right runaround under the bridge managing to get caught up on a loose wire hanging from it . But yet again they backed off so a change to cattying in maggots plus going further under the bridge kept the fish coming to the end of the match and the only trouble was the fact that i missed lots of bites because i just couldn’t lift into them as my top kit kept hitting the bridge so i just waited till my elastic ripped out of the pole tip . I did have a few scary moments with the odd big mirror carp taking me right under the bridge and i even landed one with a rig still attached to it but in the main my orange matrix performed really well .

When the all out sounded it called time on another eventful match and i felt that i had done ok from my peg but i am sure that it could have produced more if i had just targeted the bridge swim but i always feel that on these open matches you need two lines that will produce you fish and if my margin had produced like last week then a big weight would have been possible , it was hard to asses how well i had done because i could only see one angler in my section and a few in the other section all of which i was confident of beating .


When it came to my turn to weigh in my 46 fish went nearly 64lb for another section win but its been awhile since my last one so i am pleased with that and it seems that i do tend to come good as the weather begins to turn cooler , i am off to contest the open match on Sycamore fisheries which is on Rowans canal so lets hope that i can continue my run but unfortunately it will be my last trip to the bank until the beginning of October .

Partridge lakes

Covey one peg 4 , September 6th

Covey one

Covey one

After having had a hectic week at work plus various family problems to deal with i was eager to get back on to the bank and forget everything , hopefully i could catch some fish as well . I had decided on a trip to Partridge lakes as i hadn’t been here on a weekend match for quite some time and i was really looking forward to it although the fishing everywhere had taken a turn for the worse , maybe it was the change in the weather recently because it had been a bit inconsistent to say the least and today we was faced with a drop in temperature , grey skies with rain forecast and a light breeze blowing towards the direction of Holbar lake .

When i arrived at the venue there didn’t seem to be many people knocking about which was strange as the open matches are usually really well attended but I’m sure there will be a few on it and as it turned out we had nearly sixty fishing with plenty of anglers turning up late , coveys 1-5 will be in the draw bag and as it turned out my home for the day would be peg four on covey one somewhere i haven’t been on that much but i knew how best to fish it because i had seen some one catch really well on it from the edge but as usual i had my own idea on how to get the best from my peg although it didn’t really work out that way , well a third of my plan didn’t as you will find out later .

Peg four reed bed and margin swim

Peg four reed bed and margin swim

After having watched the recent Winning Pegs dvd which was filmed on covey four i had decided on a pellet attack across in 3 ft of water where i had heard was the best depth to start at and it was also doing really well last weekend on here , my other tactics were ground-bait in the margin , also flicking maggots towards the left hand reeds which were 11 m away , there was a bit of breeze blowing in to it and when i had walked round before the match there was plenty of fish in front of the platforms on all coveys so it looked promising .

My rigs for the day where ;

3 ft pellet across and was also used for fishing maggots towards the reeds as it was only three-inch deeper , my float was a 0.2 scone float with 0.12 garbo line and 0.10 hook length which had a size 20 gamma pellet hook the shotting pattern was a spread bulk of size ten stotz spread an inch apart , elastic was size 12 red matrix .

Margin rig was the one i had used at Sycamore fishery and it turned out to be a big mistake because it wasn’t strong enough for the big carp in covey one , my main line was 0.14 garbo with a 0.12 hook length which had a size 18 guru lwg the float was a malmams diamond 0.3 and elastic was Preston 12 duro .

Bait table

Bait table

My bait revolved mostly around pellets today ;

2 pints mixed maggots

1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint soaked 4mm pellets

1/2 pint crushed expander dark ground-bait

2 pint margin mix ground-bait

small tub expanders

When the all in sounded i went across to my far bank pellet line , tapped in a pinch of micros and slowly lowered my 4mm expander in amongst it , a couple of lift drops resulted in only minimal indications and nothing worth lifting into and i always tend to struggle at the start of a match getting the fish feeding in my peg this is something i need to work at in the coming weeks . After five minutes i shipped back in re-filled the kinder pot with micros , after tapping this out on my 3ft line resulted in a little dink on the float which i connected with and the first f1 of hopefully many made its way to the net although it was hooked in the fin .


I was getting indications all the time on the float but they didn’t seem to be happy there and this was proved to me when i foul hooked another only this time it came off at the net , i decided to set up another pellet line further to the right but yet again i was getting indications on the float but nothing positive and after the first hour i only had the solitary f1 in the net not the start i was looking for but the other anglers in my section seemed to be in the same boat .

I had been continually flicking maggots towards the reeds to my left since the match started and i felt the time was right to give it a try , i finally managed to get a run of f1s from here but i needed to change my elastic to orange 10 matrix as i bumped a couple off on the way in , i began kinder potting the maggots in as i wanted to concentrate them on the bottom where they would be easier to catch but because my bait was beginning to caster it was bringing them up on to all levels and a change of shotting pattern to on the drop was in order which brought a couple of extra fish . My run off f1s coincided with the heavens opening and lasted about ninety minutes , when the rain stopped so did the bites so maybe they had backed off into the reed bed for cover from the elements ?


We was now approaching the final two hours of the match so i decided to start feeding my left hand margin swim with ground-bait so i put in three pot fulls in and while i waited for it to settle so i tried my right hand margin but decided to take it easy with the feed , i began kinder potting in a few micros before dropping my 4mm expander in among it but yet again i was getting all sorts of indications on the float but no real bites , it seemed that the fish were getting attracted to the feed but didn’t want to eat the pellets this was proved when i decided on the spur of the moment to try maggots on the hook and the float buried instantly with a big f1 on the end it was the biggest that i had caught from Partridge lakes with it being well over the 4lb mark .

Big f1

Big f1

With no more fish coming from this line i decided to go onto my ground-bait line and i had indications from the start , but i had made the mistake of putting my feed in to far away from the grass bank in the slightly deeper water because i felt that with it being a touch colder plus the recent rain the fish wouldn’t come in so close to the bank . I Was wrong though as i started losing big carp after big carp which were obviously foul hooked , i did get the odd one in but they was taking an age to play on 12 duro and when i pulled a bit too hard on my side pulla it broke my 0.12 hook length . I should have changed my rig + elastic then to a heavier grade but instead i just put on a 0.14 hook length with a size 16 guru lwg hook , this didn’t solve the playing fish problems but by altering the depth of my rig and bringing it right up to the bank this stopped the foul hooking.


I began catching some big carp along with some nice ide and just when i started getting among the fish when the whistle went , i couldn’t believe that i had known how to get the best out of my peg but decided to do my thing and i had blown another chance of at least winning my section . Stupid decisions had cost me again but you live and learn i will just have to put it down to experience , in the end my 16 fish went 36lb with only 62lb winning the section and i lost enough big carp to get that easily and that man Andy Bennett won yet again catching 99lb from covey five with the second coming off covey three with 96lb so not the best of weights for on here but i think it’s just the time of year , i will be looking forward to fishing this peg again to hopefully right a few wrongs and will be back at Partridge lakes for another go next weekend .


Sycamore fishery , Rowans canal

August 31st , peg 22

Rowans canal

Rowans canal

Well today was the start of my open match fishing career after leaving Balmoral AC and things didn’t really go to plan as you will find out later , the weather leading up to todays match had been pretty bad with the drop in temperature and heavy rain but it was forecast to be a lot drier today thankfully and we might even get the sun poking its way between the clouds . When we rang in the week we was informed that we would just be on Rowans canal because their was a club match taking place on Silver birch the other match canal and one on Davids pool , this usually results in the match fishing hard especially with every peg being taken like it was today .

When we got to the venue we drove round to the back of the complex to park up as their would be plenty people knocking about , as we hadn’t been here for a couple of months we had a quick walk around the canal we would be fishing today and the first thing that i noticed was the water was up nearly a foot just below the platforms another thing was that there didn’t seem to be many fish topping which was strange for on here maybe all the rain had settled the fish in the deeper water. There had also been a club match on Rowans canal the previous day which was won with just over twenty pound and they had only twelve anglers contesting it , so with all that information i expected a low winning weight of around the mid thirty pound mark which is usually around thirty fish .


After the draw i was on peg 22 which wasn’t the area i would have liked to be in although i did have the benefit of the little breeze blowing towards my direction , per usual i had come with a plan in mind and i decided to fish ;

Far bank at 3ft , 0.3 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 lwg guru hook , shotting pattern was a spread bulk of number 10 stotz starting six-inch from the hook .

Bottom near slope at 4ft , 0.4 malmams float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 lwg guru hook , shotting pattern was a spread bulk of number 9 stotz starting six-inch from the hook .

Margin where it was 2ft , 0.2 scone float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 lwg guru hook , shotting pattern was a spread bulk of number 10 stotz starting six-inch from the hook .


My bait was going to revolve around pellets because i felt that the weather was turning cold enough to start using this bait and i did bring a few maggots if i had made the wrong decision ;

1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint soaked 4mm pellets

1/2 pint f1 dark ground-bait

1 pint mixed maggots

small tub of expanders

When the all in sounded I started of on my 3ft rig at 12 meters being careful not to overfed i decided to use a small kinder pot and tapped in a few micros with a bit of ground-bait to cap it off , i decided to try a 6mm expander first because it would give me a better idea of the contours of the far shelf and i like my hook pellet to register on my float tip , i do this by allowing the expander to slightly sink the float and i then push my rig up the slope until a few mm show this helps when targeting the shy biting f1s .

On my first drop i had a little dink on the float which resulted in a near 2lb carp making its way to the net before a slightly smaller f1 quickly followed and i was just thinking that if it continued like this i could be on for a winning weight , but as soon as they had turned up they were gone and i can’t believe that my two feeds with a small kinder pot had over fed my peg so i figured i hadn’t put in enough bait to keep them there so i increased the amount and regularity of pellets going in to try to get them back but this didn’t work either . I re-plumbed up a new line two meters to my right and yet again i had two quick f1s then nothing , i tried feeding one swim and fishing the other but still no bites i was certainly doing something wrong but i didn’t know just what ! ! !

2 lb mirror carp

I had fed my near slope line for the first ninety minutes of the match with just maggots because they was easier to feed by hand , i was understandably expecting a few fish to have settled here but yet again i failed to get any indications which was really puzzling but most of the anglers i could see were struggling like me . So with half of the match gone i decided to feed my right hand margin with pellets as that was the only hook bait to produce a bite so far , i had another quick look on the 11 meter line while it settled but this time with maggot on the hook for a change this produced in a solitary f1 from my original swim but nothing else followed and my other line still didn’t produce so i decided to put in two big pots there and left it to settle .

I plumbed up a new swim along the base of the far shelf at 4ft deep because i felt that the fish might have dropped down into the deeper water i put in a kinder pot of micro-4mm pellets – ground-bait and left it to settle for a try later in the match and went on to my right hand margin , there was definitely fish present in this swim but i couldn’t connect with any of the little dinks on the float and a couple of times i came back with half a 6mm pellet which would lead me to believe that they were the small crucians not the f1s i wanted to catch .


With the last ninety minutes looming large i had a ten minute spell on each far-bank swim without success and as a last resort i began dripping in maggots on to my left hand margin where it was 2 ft deep , out of the blue my float buried and another nice stamp stockie came to the net it was so long since my earlier bite that i almost forgot to strike . Another carp followed of similar size and a couple of the bigger f1s too and i even managed a small carp from my right hand margin where i had feed pellets , i don’t know if it was the time of day or the fact that they had switched onto maggots but it was too little too late .


I think that i had learned a great deal in todays match which will put me in good stead for my next visit on their , the open was won with nearly 40lb and a couple of low 30lb back up weights so it fished as well as i expected it too with it being a close if a bit difficult contest with the top 8 weights only being split by less than 8lb but i think you can get carried away catching big weights of fish , my ten carp went a surprising 17lb which shows a good average stamp of fish for me but yet again i struggled to get among the smaller f1s which some thing i can not get my head around but it needs sorting before i can begin to compete in these more challenging matches .