Sycamore fisheries

Sept 14th , peg 31

Rowans canal

Rowans canal

After yesterdays good result at Partridge lakes where i had managed to win my section , i was looking forward to contesting todays match at Sycamore fisheries but with it taking place on just Rowans canal because their was a club match taking place on Silver birch which was the other match canal and therefore i expected the fishing to be quite hard although it would be the same for everyone which might make it a bit fairer .

As i was waiting for the draw i had a quick look at the results from the earlier days and it seemed that on Weds match the place to be was the low thirty numbered pegs were the wind had blown into , when it came round for my turn out i pulled corner peg 31 and it was in the right area but i do have a dislike to corner pegs on here because you can get bogged down with too many options . When i got to my peg i had the benefit of whatever little breeze there was blowing my way but it did cause a bit of a hinderance as the match progressed with scum gathering in the corner , i decided to not confuse myself and concentrate on both margins , top three and shallow which i only set up as an after thought because their was a few fish topping between the point of the island and the bank but with all the bank side pressure they soon disappeared as i began setting up.



Margin 2ft deep , malmams 0.3 float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 lwg guru hook and elastic was red matrix .

Shallow 1ft+2ft , matrix 0.3 series three float with 0.12 garbo direct to a gamma pellet hook size twenty and elastic was orange matrix .

Top three rig , malmams 0.3 winter wire  with 0.12 garbo main line which had a 0.10 garbo hook length , a size 20 gamma pellet hook and elastic was red matrix .

I had a lot of mixed maggots left from Saturdays match and my mate also gave me a few pints which he had left so i decided to concentrate on just using them today , my side tray looked rather bare compared to my usual wide choice of bait that i usually take to a match . When the all in sounded i began flicking maggots onto both margins where i had earlier plumbed up to find two foot and then started fishing on my top three directly in front of me , i started by trickling in the maggots through a large kinder pot as i expected a mid thirty pound weight to be good enough to frame today .


My first drop produced a little dink which resulted in f1 number one coming to the net and on my next put in i hadn’t even had time to empty my kinder poy before fish number two put in an appearance , if it stayed like this i could be on for a nice weight but after a couple more it began to fade and you know that your feeding isn’t correct when the tench-crucians start muscling in on the action . When this happens it is usually a sign to set up a swim elsewhere but as we was only twenty minutes into the match and the fact that i was still putting fish in the net i decided to try some different feeding patterns , it seemed to work for me as the stockies made an appearance and in the first hour i had a dozen fish over a pound plus a couple of smaller samples which was more than i caught in five hours the last time i fished a match on here .


I decided to give my top three-line a rest and tried my left hand margin where i had thrown in a dozen maggots every five minutes , i began picking up a few fish but there seemed to be a lot of fish down there because i was getting lots of line bites with them hitting my spread bulk . I changed to an on the drop shotting pattern but this was even worse as now my rig was falling right on top of the fish and i began foul hooking them , i tried fishing at half depth but strangely couldn’t get a proper indication so i presumed that the stockies where head down in the silt with their tails hitting the line and maybe i had set my margin swim in too deep water .

By the two-hour mark the scum towards my right hand was really bad and i had to bulk my shot right on top of the hook length to get it down to the deck but this didn’t stop the fish feeding though with a couple of nice carp making their way to the bank . the trouble was that some of my maggots had started to caster and was getting stuck in the surface debris this brought some big fish mouthing at them which made fishing on the deck a bit problematic , i did try to mug one with a caster but they knew what they was doing and just ignored it .


With two hours remaining and nearly thirty f1-stockies in the net i decided to have a spell fishing shallow because the fish were back topping just of the island , i started on my two foot shallow rig which had a longish leader on it because i have found that to be the best tactic when slapping for the stockies and as i was unsure what they were yet i didn’t want them to back off before i had them competing confidently . It wasn’t long before i had them lined up though with f1 after f1 coming to the net , a change of rig to one set one foot deep with only a six-inch lash between float – pole tip increased my bite conversion rate significantly and so did getting into a routine of feeding before i shipped out before slapping-tapping when my rig was in the water .

This resulted in a further twenty fish in a ninety minute spell before they just disappeared with thirty minutes of the match remaining and i should have ¬†gone back to my margin as their it is usually prolific in the last hour , but i stayed on my shallow swim and i could only get a bite by putting my rig in two meters away from where i had fed , right on the whistle i lost a big stamp carp which i knew was foul hooked because i had slapped my rig right on top of it and i just hopped that it wouldn’t cost me a chance of framing because these things usually do on open matches .


When they came to me for the weigh in i had a low fifty pound weight to beat which was a bit of a surprise as like i said at the start i expected a mid thirty pound to be enough to frame , my first net weighed 47lb and i felt it could be close as i only had a dozen fish in the other one which fortunately was enough to take the lead with sixty pound but their was still another nine pegs to weigh in but luckily for me that side did not fish well with thirty pound being the best weighed.


So three matches in to my proper open match trail and a section win at Partridge lakes plus an open match win at Sycamore fisheries so lets hope i can continue my run of form , i have a two-week break before i am back on the bank but at least it will give me a chance to spend my winnings because i also picked the bonus ball up today which meant that 350 came my way over the weekend and that will pay my match fees for the next few months .