Partridge lakes

October 4th , peg 65 Covey three

Covey three

Covey three

I hadn’t been to Partridge lakes for a few weeks since i last won my section their and i was looking forward to the trip , although the weather forecast for today was awful with constant rain , strong winds and a big drop in temperature . On arrival at the venue i was quite surprised in just how many people had decided to brave the elements and their would be fifty fishing today so after chatting to a few people who i hadn’t seen for a while i joined the queue for the draw and when it finally came to me out i pulled peg 65 on Covey three , i was reasonably pleased as this lake has been really kind to me in the past throwing up a lot of section wins especially in the sixty area .


When i reached the peg it was situated at the side of the aerator but the wind was blowing away from me which is never a good sign and gusting really bad at times , this put a bearing on how i choose to fish my match today and the areas i choose where ;

Margin at 2ft , malmams 4×12 speedy float with 0.14 garbo line and 0.12 hook length my elastic was a size 12 duro .

Front of empty pallet at 3ft , malmams 4×12 silver float with 0.14 garbo line and a 0.12 hook length my elastic was a size 12 red matrix .

Near shelf at 4ft  , malmams 4×14 silver float with 0.14 garbo main line and a 0.12 hook length my elastic was a size 12 red matrix .


Even though the recent temperature had dropped considerably i didn’t feel that it was time to turn to pellets just yet so i took with me ;

3 pint mixed maggots

2 pint ground-bait

Small tub of corn

As the hooter sounded in the distance signifying the start of the match i shipped out towards the empty platform and began trickling in some maggots through a large kinder pot , after five minutes i had a little indication so shipped in to refeed i was getting the odd bite to keep me interested but before i knew it forty minutes of the match had passed with nothing going in the net not the start i had wanted . All the time i had flicked a dozen maggots on to my top three-line situated towards my right hand side , this produced a few nice f1s and i finally began putting some fish in the net but it wasn’t long before the bites began getting a bit iffy , it still surprises me that just by changing the shotting pattern it can transform the swim because after altering it to a more strung out pattern i began picking up a few more but they still seemed to be hard on the deck so they must have watched as the hook bait fell .


With half the match gone i only had a dozen fish in the net so i decided to feed my margin swim and potted in some ground-bait with a few grains of corn mixed in , while this settled i set up another line at 4ft towards my left and i began kinder potting in maggots but thirty minutes went past with only a solitary ide to show for it . I had no other option but to go on to the margin so i slipped on a grain of corn tapped in a kinder pot full of ground-bait and waited , it didn’t take long before i had my first carp in the net and a few more quickly followed but because this was the only line which produced fish i needed to rest it to let them settle so a return to my original 4ft swim was in order this produced a couple more f1s plus a carp .

When i returned to my margin it was solid with fish i had an indication every time i dropped my rig in but the trouble was that i couldn’t connect with any apart from the odd foul hooker and i needed to think on how best to solve this problem before it ruined my chance of a section win , i decided to wettern my ground-bait a bit more plus add more corn to the mix and i hoped that this would keep them routing on the bottom . This worked extremely well with carp now muscling in on the action including one nearly 8lb and i even had one break my 0.12 hook length then another broke my 0.14 when i stepped up the strength .


With just an hour of the match remaining i decided to concentrate all my attentions onto my margin swim because i felt that i was falling behind in the race for the section , i was doing better than those around me but today the more prolific pegs on the split was also in my section and i couldn’t see how well they were doing . By increasing the feed my swim was getting stronger and stronger , i was still suffering with the missed bites but i put my head down and ploughed through them but by alternating the size of piece of corn which kept the fish coming including a carp on the whistle .

This was one of those matches that did my head in because i couldn’t put a run of fish together other than in the margin where i missed lots of bites due to my feeding , i did feel that i finally got it right in the last hour as i had put 24lb in the net and there was 40lb in my other making a total of 64lb which was the second best weight on Covey three but not good enough for the section as 84lb came from the first peg over the bridge on the split and usually those wouldn’t be included with my section , i lost a few fish by pulling to hard got snapped twice and missed plenty of bites but unfortunately that’s just the way matches go sometimes , i still think i did ok but there’s plenty of improvement to be made because i seem to be getting a lot of weights around the 60lb mark which is often enough for your section but nothing better .

I am off to Sycamore fishery tomorrow to contest the open match taking place on Rowans and a full canal could make it another tough match with bites at a premium just how i like it , totally different match from today so another good peg will be needed to keep my run on their going .