Review of Malmans floats

As you are all probably aware floats these days are all pretty much the same and therefore its all down to personal preference , these days i have began using Malmans after getting recommended them by other good anglers .

Winter wires

As you can probably guess by the title i use these floats in the depths of winter for delicate biting f1s with both pellet and maggot , they have a 1mm nylon bristle which magnifies those shy indication . It has an elongated rugby ball-shaped body and a wire stem this helps counter balance the skimming wind you some times get in winter , overall i find them an extremely good float too use in cold conditions .

winter wire float

winter wire float


The above floats are really good in the depths of winter but i was on the look out for some thing with a more substantial bristle that i could easily spot at 16m or in the low autumn sun shine , these floats are ideal for doing just that and they have the same wire stem , elongated rugby ball-shaped body but the bristle is twice as thick as the winter wire .




My margin floats are these because they have a diamond-shaped body for extra stability and a thick buoyant tip this enables you to use big hook baits which you normally use when fishing close to the side when fishing for carp , it also helps you distinguish between line bites if you leave plenty bristle showing .



All the floats in the range come with a whipped on side eye for extra strength and are also in various sizes , if you are looking at changing to a new set of floats then i would recommend looking at these and i have used these for over a year with no breakages or more importantly no cuts in the body from were the line cuts into it .

These are my views only and i am in no way affiliated with the manufactures of these products .


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