Review of the new Matrix carp keep net

I have been using the old style matrix carp protector keep net for some time and really liked them but when i went to buy an extra one i found that they had been discontinued or re called because their was a problem with the angle tilt on it which wasn’t a surprise as i had to alter mine by changing the rivets for a more robust screw which kept it in place .


Anyway i am getting a bit side tracked here because i am supposed to be reviewing the new and improved carp keep net , the first thing that catches your eye when you see it is the netting is attached to the rings by a material resembling black duct tape this i think is their to help protect this area from ripping as in the past it is usually where it goes first .


The top ring seems a bit small which would give you a bit more room when putting two nets in front of you but i think that it might be a bit tight when trying to put a big carp in when using a larger than average landing net , it doesn’t seem as long as your usual keep nets too which i don’t think is a negative because it means your bottom ring isn’t any were near the bottom of the slope and two of the bottom three rings are a more flexible plastic which helps when you use the handle to pull them through when depositing the fish into the weigh sling .


They have changed the angle tilt to a more robust fixed unit which has two keep net attachments on it , only time will tell if it withstands the constant stress of holding large quantities of fish match after match but it certainly looks the part .

These are my views only and i am in no way affiliated with the manufactures of these products .