Sycamore fisheries

October 5th , peg 27 Rowans canal

Rowans canal

Rowans canal

After yesterdays eventful match at Partridge lakes were i managed second on Covey three in pretty awful weather conditions , i headed off to Sycamore fisheries to hopefully keep my winning run going and with it taking place on just Rowans canal a good draw would be needed especially with a full complement of twenty anglers expected to be contesting the match .

As i woke in the morning i was glad to see that the bad weather had passed by overnight but it was still rather a cold start and this would have a bearing on how i expected the match to pan out today , after picking up my mate at eight we headed off to the fishery but decided to call at mcds for some breakfast first we arrived at the venue at 830 for the nine draw and was as usual the first people their . We parked up near Davids pool and went for a look at Rowans canal to see if the f1s were giving themselves away but only the odd fish was topping not really surprising in the cold morning , there was also a couple of club matches taking place today and i didn’t really fancy their chances of getting a good weight today .



Back at the cabin all the usual people were in attendance and when it came to draw time we had 19 anglers attending , it was soon my turn to pick and out i pulled peg 27 not the best of areas but also far from the worst so i was reasonably happy . On getting to it i had a tree overhanging my left hand margin which looked promising for later in the match when the water warmed up so i decided to target ;

Margin . 4×12 speedy float with 0.14 garbo line a 0.12 garbo hook length and my hook was a size 18 guro lwg and elastic was 12 durro .

Top three at 4ft ,4×12 benny float with 0.12 garbo line a 0.10 garbo hook length my hook was a size 18 matrix bagger and elastic was red matrix .

Far-bank at 3ft , 4×12 benny float with 0.12 garbo line a 0.10 garbo hook length my hook was a size 18 matrix bagger and elastic was red matrix .

Shallow , 0.3 matrix series three float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 20 matrix bagger hook and elastic was orange matrix .

I had considered taking pellets today because the weather was beginning to cool enough but decided on using my previous match winning tactics ;

3 pints mixed maggots

1 pint ground-bait

small tub of sweet corn


After a bit of a confusing start with three matches going off at the same time , i began drip feeding maggots through a big kinder pot on my three meter 4ft line and even after re feeding every five minutes it was half an hour before i managed my first fish not exactly the start that i was looking for but hopefully with the first in the net a few more would soon follow and they did with five more coming in the first hour . As usual on here in these tight matches i was targeting just thirty fish for a chance to frame so i wasn’t far off this mark , in the second hour my drip feeding had brought the fish up off the deck and i began foul hooking them coming back with scales on the hook , a change of shotting pattern for a staggered bulk plus heavier loose feeding and this seemed to solve my problem for a while anyway .


In the first two hours i had a dozen f1-carp in the net and decided to rest the three meter line as the bites began getting a bit iffy , i had been loose feeding maggots at six meters to my right in the middle of the channel and i started with the 3ft rig on the drop but this failed to produce a single bite , a change to my 1ft deep rig produced two quick fish then nothing which was rather puzzling and in desperation a change to my 4ft rig which was a foot of the deck fishing with a very slow fall this finally produced another run of fish but it was hard going when i caught an 8oz chub i decided to rest it for a while .

Before returning to my three meter line i feed my margin with a cupping kit full of ground-bait and i intended to re-feed it every thirty minutes before going on it in the final hour , back on to my original line i started with a run of six crucians which was a bit annoying at the time but looking back at my final result these fish made a big difference . With two hours to go and the sun shining bright it seemed the whole canal had shut down with no body catching anything and for an hour i tried every where without success before finally i had a nice carp from the margin which made my tally to twenty well off my target amount .


I needed a really good last hour which luckily i got because i decided to concentrate the rest of my match on my top three-line which was yet again the most prolific area and finally i managed a run of carp here including one right on the whistle , this run of fish seemed to coincide with the sun going in maybe the brightness had knocked them off the feed which is something to think about .

I was unsure on how i had done because it was a rather confusing match with just little runs of fish and i had 80 per cent of my fish at top three , my mate looked like he had done well too i was a bit surprised that he didn’t have more than thirty fish in the net because every time i glanced over he was playing one , when it came round for me to weigh in my net went 45lb to take the lead but could i stay there and my only real challenger was my mate but his fish went 43lb so that little run of crucians had swung it my way this meant i had my third win on the trot here which not many people have achieved .


Think i have the top three-line sussed but i do need another area to pick off fish when i need to rest it because it’s very rare for one line to produce all match , at the weekend i will be back at Partridge on Saturday – Sycamore on Sunday where it will be on both canals which in theory should make the fishing a lot better but we shall see and i hope that my recent run their continues .