Sycamore fisheries

October 13th , peg 40 Rowans canal

Rowans canal

Rowans canal

After yesterdays section win at Partridge lakes i was eager to keep my recent good run going at Sycamore fisheries but with the match taking place on both canals today and i wasnt that confident as it usually attracts a better stamp of angler when you get a bit or room , their fore the draw is even more important plus i don’t tend to catch big weights and scratching around for bites is more my style which is why i tend to do better at this time of year .

It was a cold , foggy start to the day although it said it was six degrees on the dashboard but it certainly didn’t feel like that when i arrived at the venue and i was unsure if it would burn off at all today , as i predicted there was a few different faces in the draw queue which would make the match a bit more interesting and when it came round to my turn i pulled out forty Rowans but i had mixed reactions to this draw as i don’t like fishing corner pegs and it also hasn’t much recent form on the plus side i was on what i thought would be the best side



As i settled in at my peg i decided on just three rigs which would cover most of my options and with the weather being how it was when i woke up i decided to change my hook lengths for a lighter one which should hopefully get me a few extra bites ;

Margin .4×10 malmans with 0.12 garbo line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Left hand slope and far-bank at 3ft , 4×12 malmans with 0.12 garbo line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Near slope at 4ft , 4×14 malmans with 0.12 garbo line with 0.12 garbo line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

My bait on here always concerns maggots but i did bring a few bits and pieces that i had left from yesterdays match ;

3 pints red and white maggots

1 pint micros coated in ground-bait

small tub expanders

small tub sweet corn

I decided on a rather simple match plan which revolved around the weather and time of day , as the all in sounded i went on to my 4ft rig on the near slope and began trickling in the maggots through a large kinder pot , i decided to take it easy with the feed until i knew how it would fish this was partly down to the conditions and the fact there had been a club match on this canal the day before . First drop resulted in a quick bite and a big scale was on the hook so at least there was fish on this line which is a promising sign , it didn’t take long before carp number one was in the net and in fact i had a dozen in the first hour which was really surprising in the cold foggy day it was a lot more than anyone else had caught within my eye shot but i had to keep altering the amount of feed to keep them coming regularly though .


The start of the second hour went pretty much the same way as the first with mainly carp coming to the net but i had to alter shotting patterns as the hour past to get the bites and i was feeding a full kinder pot every five minutes to keep them lined up . In the third hour things began slowing down and this coincided with the sun burning off the fog and the temperature increased sharply , i began foul hooking fish plus began getting line bites which was a sure sign they had come up off the deck and when the lad on the next peg began catching shallow got me a bit worried but the f1s up in the water are quite small in here so he would need a lot of them to catch me up .

Thirty fish in the first three hours had me reaching for my next keepnet and i felt that it had warmed up enough to try the 3ft rig towards my left hand shelf at six meters , i began drip feeding maggots again just like before but this time through a smaller kinder pot because i felt you didn’t need to put a great deal of bait in as the carp tend to live in that part of the pefg and too heavy feeding which cause you to begin foul hooking the fish .My first drop on this line resulted in a quick bite with carp number one coming to the net from this line and another run of fish including a couple of lumps well they was big for in here at nearly 4lb , twenty fish in the fourth hour and i was flying but it didn’t last i expected the margin to play a big part in the last hour but strangely even after feeding it for an hour produced just a solitary f1 and no further indications . I decided not to waste any more time in the margin and concentrate on my 3ft line for the rest of the match and i did manage another run of carp but it was noticeable that the f1s were not in my peg in any great numbers .


When the all out sounded i was happy with how my match had gone as it was one of those rare red-letter days when you do everything right and the fish was their in numbers , to be honest i felt that i had won the match quite easily with a weight around the 80lb mark so i was a bit shocked to hear that a couple of people towards the bottom of the canal on my side had caught really well admitting to around the ton . I was the first to weigh in with my expected lighter net going 47lb and the other going 49lb which equalled 98lb which was a bit more than i had expected , i was understandably over the moon but was kicking myself for not getting the ton because days like these do not happen to me that often .


As i followed the scales down the canal to the pegs which were my main challengers the first of them weighed in 80lb and the other two anglers had a solitary net in so with net limits on here set at 66lb that was that another match win here , three in a row and four in four visits and i don’t think anyone has done that before on here it is also my second best match weight . So my good form continues but i have a two-week break before i am back on the bank due to family commitments which has come at a bad time but at least it will give other people a chance to pick up some money , I’m only joking by the way before anyone starts thinking i am getting too big for my boots you know who you are .