Matrix super box upgrade

After having had my Matrix super box for over 18 months and it was beginning to look a bit tired with a few rips on the seat , so with me not having the money to replace it i decided to give it a bit of a makeover , the first thing i wanted to do was recover the seat and this was a lot easier than i first imagined ;


1, I ordered some heavy-duty leatherette material of the internet and i decided on a blue colour so that it would match my Matrix ethos luggage but i am sure you could find almost any colour that you would like .


2, The seat itself was attached to the Matrix frame by just four screws and when these are removed it is a reasonably easy job to recover it .

3, You will need a heavy-duty staple gun , material scissors and a flat screw driver .


4, The pole butt plate will need to be removed and you do this by easing the staples out with the screw driver , this separates it from the seat by doing this it makes it easier for you to cover it .

5, Cut a piece of your leatherette material one meter square is more than enough , i left this bit for my wife to do but there is plenty instructional videos on you tube showing how to do it and over all it is pretty easy to do its all about getting the folds right on the corners .

6, Using your heavy-duty stapler attach the material and the pole butt plate to the wooden base of the seat , then re attach it to the frame with the four screws and jobs a good’un .

7, To totally re-make the seat doesn’t look that hard either as it is just a piece of MDF plus sponge and then cover in the same way but getting the right type of foam could be an issue .


With the seat now being covered i decided to get the frame of the box and legs sprayed , i didn’t think that having it done at a car body work shop would last especially on the legs which can take a bit of a battering with your box attachments going on and off it . So i had a look on the internet and stumbled upon powder coating which was similar with the stuff coating your radiators but more hard-wearing , the only trouble was that it needed to go in an oven so all the plastic pieces would be needed to be removed , the main bits are riveted in place so these would be needed to be drilled out and the other pieces can be easily eased out with a screw driver .


After a few days i got my box frame back i needed to put it all together most off it could be gently tapped back on , but you will need a rivet gun and some 4mm rivets to attach the pieces to the main frame which is a lot easier than you would think and if i can do it i am sure anyone can .



As you can see it makes a big difference to how it looks and if you’re a proper tackle tart like me then you can personalise it just how you like regarding colours etc , all for less than eighty pounds .