Partridge lakes

November 1st , peg 81 Covey four


It has been a while since my last Saturday trip to Partridge lakes and although it has fished hard on here recently due to the inconsistent weather although i was quite looking forward to the match today , when i arrived at the venue i met up with a couple of friends for a chat and the proceeded to join the back of the queue and when it came for my pick out i pulled peg 81 on Covey four it made a change from being on my usual lake Covey three . As i arrived at the peg i did fancy it to produce a few fish with the wind blowing into my right hand margin and with the amount of scum on the surface it had gone that way for quite some time so i decided to set up just three rigs today;

Margin 3ft , 4×12 malmans speedy float , with 0.14 garbo direct to a size 14 kamasam x strong hook and yellow matrix elastic

Channel 6ft ,4×14 malmans roob float with 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.12 garbo hook length with a size 18 matrix bagger hook , red matrix elastic

Far slope 4ft  , 4×12 malmans roob float with 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.12 garbo hook length with a size 18 matrix bagger hook , red matrix elastic

My bait for the day was the same as i normally take on here but with a few pellets just in case because i had been told from a few people in the know that it was beginning to work on their ;

2 pints red and white maggots

1 pint ground-bait

1 pint micros dusted with ground-bait

Tub of corn

tub of expanders


When the all in sounded a kicked off my match fishing at 11 meters on my 4ft rig , i tapped in a kinder pot full of maggots before lowering my double maggot hook bait among it and was surprisingly into an f1 straight away quickly followed by another which was a good start but then the small rudd moved in this seems to be a problem on only Covey four . To solve this i set up a new swim to my left but this time with pellets a couple of feeds produced absolutely nothing so a change of bait back to double maggot and my float buried instantly with another f1 making its way to the net , it still surprises me that just a simple change of hook bait can turn a seemingly lifeless swim into a few bites .Another couple of feeds before my next bite but this time i had a carp on the hook which took off at a rate of knots and it wasn’t long before the inevitable happened my line broke but instead of my hook length it was the main line so a new rig was called for , with all the disturbance of re-plumbing i decided to rest the far bank for a while .

I had seen a few fish top in my margin so that is where i went next and decided that as it was still a bit cold i would just feed with a big kinder pot to see what response i got , so i deposited a couple of grains of corn plus ground-bait before lowering in my rig and not a great deal happened even after a few more feeds no liners or bites , i was on the verge of changing lines when my float shot under and i was briefly attached to a big carp but the hook soon pulled out it was something which i was going to suffer with all day .While there was still fish in the area i decided to give it another ten minutes and luckily this produced a carp off around 5lb but with no more indications coming i decided to rest this swim for later in the match .


My next line of attack was to be my channel swim where i had been big kinder potting maggots every twenty minutes since the match started , my shotting pattern was such so i could present a falling hook-bait and after my second drop my float dipped the elastic came out just a foot then fish off .This happened a further six times on the trot some i even got on to my top kit , i tried going shallower without much success in case they was off the deck and only once did i come back with a scale on the hook and it was beginning to do my head in but i did finally pick up a couple of f1s by laying on a few inch .

It seems that recent matches on here the fish don’t want to feed in the first half of the contest for some reason and that was the way it seemed to go today because lots of people were struggling within eye shot but with two hours remaining the fish finally went on to the feed , i went back on to my most prolific 13 meter line and i picked up a couple from my previous two swims but only when i set up in a new area of my peg too my right did my catch rate dramatically improve with ten f1s coming in an hour spell this began to fade when the cold rain started falling and i was kicking myself for not continuing feeding my channel swim as im sure i could have picked up a few extra fish from this line in the last forty minutes .


As the all out sounded i was unsure on just how i had done because most people were admitting too between 20-25 fish and the section would be decided by the person catching the bigger stamp off fish , my net went 34lb for third in the section beaten by a 36lb and 44lb both of which i felt my peg was capable of producing especially considering the amount of fish that i had lost and speaking to a few people after the match it was something commonplace all over the complex .

So that’s another match with more questions than answers but that is the reason we keep on going back , i am off to Sycamore fisheries tomorrow and i am hoping for a better draw than last week i quite fancy a bash on Silver birch but i don’t expect their to be as many anglers present after last weeks struggle so hopefully a bit of much-needed room .



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