Partridge lakes

November 15th , Covey five peg 111

I really fancied getting on the bank this weekend and finally the recent heavy rains had stopped so off i headed to Partridge lakes to contest the very popular open match , i was unsure on what to expect though with the matches in the week being very hard with just 60lb being needed to frame and as their was nearly sixty anglers present today so a good draw would be even more important but my drawing hand let me down big time putting me on a bad peg on the worst lake and i also had a flyer peg to contend with too .


Covey five was to be my destination it was near the main car-park so at least i didn’t have to move the car but my peg was situated right down the bottom of the long straight with the little breeze blowing the other way every peg that i past meant my day would be even harder and when i finally reached peg 111 it was your predictable 13 meter wide with not much in the way of features although i did see a couple of fish top which gave me a bit of hope , the lake has mainly a smaller stamp of fish with little in the way of any bonus carp and my original plan for covey 1-4 went out of the window but at least i had prepared some pellets which was the main bait to use on here .


2ft across , 4×10 malman roob float with 0.12 garbo main line to a 0.10 garbo hook length which had a size 20 matrix bagger hook attached and elastic was orange matrix .

3ft both shelves , 4×12 malman roob float with 0.12 garbo main line to a 0.10 garbo hook length which had a size 20 matrix bagger hook attached and elastic was orange matrix .

6ft channel , 4×14 malmans roob with 0.12 garbo main line to a 0.10 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook attached and elastic was orange matrix .

My bait was the usual ,

2 pints red and white maggots

1 pint or micro and ground-bait

small tub mixed expanders

small tub white expanders


When the all in sounded i decided to start on my 3ft rig as it was still a bit cold , so i shipped out to 11 meters towards the left hand part of my peg because i don’t like fishing directly in front of me if i can help it .I planned on fishing two swims at this depth hoping to keep fish coming by alternating between them both and after tapping in some micro before lowering in my pellet hook bait amongst it , a couple of lift-drops and the tiniest of indication resulted in f1 number one making its way to the net quickly followed by another things were looking promising but with me being eager not to overfeed them i was rather surprised when they backed off and i decided to try my white expander this got me another fish plus a couple of missed bites which for some reason is usual when using this bait .


I decided to rest this swim and used the same rig towards the right of my peg but still using pellets , yet again i tapped in a nugget of micro plus ground-bait before lowering my expander in among it a couple of lift-drops resulted in a quick f1 and then followed by another but yet again i had to resort to my white expander to keep indications coming it seemed that a pattern was emerging , with nothing positive happening on either line coupled with the fact it was getting a little warmer plus they seemed to be catching at 2ft on the split bank i decided to follow suit but this time using maggots just to see if i could catch a few chub or ide among the f1s because it was fishing really hard down the long straight where i was , this failed to produce an indication which was surprising and it must have been the depth as i set up another line using pellets towards the left which also didn’t get me a bite .

With nearly half the match gone and just eight fish in the net you can safely say things wasn’t going well , i had fed maggots through a small cupping kit every thirty minutes on my six meter channel line since the match started so i decided to give this a try to with double maggot on the hook i lowered in my rig .After a long wait with not a lot happening yet again i was on the verge of trying another line when my float finally dipped and my first carp made an appearance although it was only just over a pound in weight it was double the size of my f1s , i refed with another large kinder pot of maggots and this got me another f1 but it was really hard going.


To be in with any chance at all of getting my section i needed a really good run of f1s or at least a line which would produce a bigger stamp of carp , i noticed that the guy on 107 was catching near the empty platform so i decided to set up a line on my near shelf at 3ft deep but only at six meters so i could rotate my channel lines as well because on the spur of the moment i decided to try a pellet line away to my right and feed a small cupping kit full of micro plus ground-bait then left it alone for about an hour for the fish to settle on it .

On my first try on the near slope i fed a big kinder pot full of maggots before laying my rig in up the shelf i had a really positive bite with a bigger than average f1 coming to the net ,i decided to try to force the swim by feeding the same amount every five minutes to see how i got on which wasn’t my best decision of the day although it did kind of work as you would get a couple of indications straight after feeding and then nothing but the fish on this line were worth waiting for averaging over a pound i even had a small ghostie , i got in a routine of get a couple of bites from my near slope before going on my maggot channel swim while i rested it .

With an hour remaining i noticed bubbles coming up from the channel where i potted in the pellets earlier , a quick look with a pellet on the hook and a little dink on the float resulted in a small f1 making its way to the bank . In the last hour i couldn’t get in quick enough and nearly doubled my catch in that time , although i did need to really try to sort the feeding out because they definitely seemed to back away from the pellets falling on their heads and white expander worked extremely well for me on this line .

When the all out sounded i wasnt that happy with the way things went but to be honest i think i had got the best from the peg and other than a few tweaks with the feeding i couldn’t do a great deal more with no lost fish and not many missed bites , i just think it was a poor area to be in and in the end my 22 fish went nearly 18lb which is a good stamp for in here , peg 103 won the lake and the section with over 50lb those anglers on the split all had around the 30lb mark .Hopefully i might get back to Partridge lakes next weekend I’m just hoping for a better draw


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