Partridge Lakes, Open Match, 16.11.14


Weather: Overcast, 8C, 6-10 mph SE wind, Air Pressure 1001

Peg: Covey 91

62 Fished

I was hoping to avoid Covey 4 and 5 today, with me being on both of them twice in my last four visits, but my home for today was to be peg 91 , an area I have never fished before.  On arriving at my peg it looked very inviting with a spare peg either side of me and a build up of surface scum.

Peg 91, Covey 4

I was unsure of what to think of the large amount of Green Algae that had blown into this corner, I don’t know the chemistry behind it, but I think when it begins to break down when the water cools, it causes a drop in oxygen levels.  On the other hand it would provide good cover and hopefully some fish would be sitting under it.  As I was setting up the surface scum and…

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