Partridge Lakes, Open Match, 26.10.14


Weather: Overcast, 13C, 25-45 mph SW wind, Air Pressure 1016

Peg: Covey 131

65 Fished

Back on Covey 5 today and I was well chuffed with my draw, it’s a good area and I was confident of catching more than I have in the last couple of weeks. That was until I spoke to the guy on peg 127 and he informed me that the lake had fished really hard the previous day with 35lb winning the lake and he also informed that Barry Bush was in our section around the corner in the low 120’s. So a section win was going to be tough but I was on a good peg and I was looking forward to the challenge. We were to fish 10.15am to 3.15pm.

Set up:

MW F1 slim 14 x 11, 6ft, .11 to .08 powerline, B911 F1 18, yellow middy shockcore – track.

MW F1 slim…

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