Partridge Lakes, Open Match, 13.12.14


Weather: Sunny Intervals, 0C, 4 mph SW wind, Air pressure 1020

Peg: Covey 110

26 Fished

Today’s open was to be on Covey 5+6, with the winter league taking up Covey’s 1-4.

There had been an overnight frost leading to a 1cm covering of ice on the lakes, so the ice breaker would be needed today.  I was hoping to get back on Covey 6 today as I seem to draw on Covey 5 more often than not and although there are some good pegs on it they seem few and far between in the winter, with the current form areas being around 115,122 and 126. I drew peg 110 and I was extremely disappointed with this and if you asked me before the draw what would be the last peg I wanted from the 2 lakes, peg 110 would be it, followed by 107. This is the 3rd time this winter…

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