Partridge Lakes, Open Match, 14.12.14


Weather: Rain, 3C, 15-20mph S wind, Air pressure 1015

Peg: Covey 31

43 Fished

Covey’s 1-4 where to be in the open today, so at least I would avoid Covey 5 for a change.  The lakes had thawed out for today and a strong wind was arriving along with persistent rain.  I drew peg 31 which I didn’t know much about as I haven’t fished Covey 2 for a few years.  I had noticed that Andy Bennett had got 2nd from peg 34 the week before so hopefully I was in a good area.  Peg 29 was in and there was a gap of 2 pegs to my left before the angler on peg 34 and before the match I could see Andy Bennett offering the angler some advice, he was pointing towards the pallet of peg 35 and across towards the split (mental note made).

Peg 31, Covey 2 Peg 31, Covey 2


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