Widdows flash

Peg four , 11th January

IMG-20140204-00081With the weather being so problematic recently with lots of rain and some really strong wind with gusts over 40 mph being forecast i was therefore not to keen on contesting a match and in fact i spent a couple of hours looking for a venue that was fisable the previous day otherwise i wouldn’t have made it to the bank at all , luckily i had stumbled across Widdows flash which is only a ten minute drive from my house but it is somewhere i hardly ever visit because it can be quite patchy in certain areas and in fact i haven’t been here since i struggled on a club match over six months ago . But at least it was out of the brunt of the wind and it can be a good venue for silver fish sport with a nice head of big roach plus skimmers turning up on some parts of the lake , after looking at some of my older blogs from this time of year when fishing here i noticed that i had done well on the board pegs which was taking the brunt of the wind so that was out of the question , peg 36 was the lakes flyer which usually holds a nice head of carp even in the depths of winter but some one was already sat on it i decided to set up on peg four and hoped for the best .

I decided on two lines that i wanted to fish ;

Channel swim at ten meters to my left and i planned to fish pellets here for the skimmers , i used a 4×14 Malman Roob float as i found it to be a touch over 5ft when plumbing up  and my shotting pattern was a bulk with a single dropper , i used 012 garbo main line with 010 garbo hook length and a size 20 Matrix bagger hook.

Channel swim ten meters to my right and i decided to fish maggots here for the roach and it was six-inch shallower on this line so i used a 4×12 Preston chianti float with an on the drop shotting pattern , with 010 garbo direct to a size 20 matrix bagger hook .


Bait for the day was ;

1/2 pint red and white maggots

1/2 pint soaked micros

small tub of 4 mm expander pellets

At ten o’clock i was all ready to begin and put half a cupping kit off micros on to my pellet line and i scattered them over a meter square area so as not to keep the shoal of skimmers on top of each other i decided to leave this to settle for half an hour , i then began pinging six maggots on to my roach line to my right and kept laying my rig through the swim it took about twenty minutes before i had an indication not long later my first roach hit the net which looked pristine obviously it hadn’t been caught that often and at 10 oz in weight i would be happy catching these all day .


With my constant loose feeding it brought the fish up off the deck and the bites had become harder to hit , i was also getting plagued by small 2oz skimmers and while these were present in my peg so i decided to give my pellet line a whirl to see if any fish had settled but after ten bite less minutes i was on the verge of refeeding when my float slid under and skimmer number one was making its way to the bank , my next fish on this line was another skimmer but at 2oz it wasn’t really what i was looking for so i decided to put another cup of micros in before going back to my right hand line .


While i was fishing on my pellet swim i had fed my roach line with maggots but this time a dozen samples every five minutes to try to get them back on the deck , this worked a treat as now i was back catching the bigger roach including some approaching the 1 lb mark but after a couple of hours the fish backed off so i decided to rest the swim and go back on to my pellet line i had another quick skimmer before it died on me i felt that it wasn’t going to be a skimmer day . I  spent the last hour concentrating on the roach but the bites were still slow in coming so i decided to stick on another section and go out to 13m just to see if the fish had backed off closer to the island i also found it to be 1ft shallower .


This new line began working well and i soon had them lined up but i was finding it hard to see my Preston chianti float which no doubt cost me a few more fish but to be honest i didn’t expect to be fishing at that distance in todays blustery conditions otherwise i would have started with a more visible float on , for some reason i decided to kinder pot in some micros at 13m and this knocked the roach off the feed but on the plus side i picked up my biggest fish of the day with a skimmer approaching the 3lb mark .  Slowly the roach worked their way back into the peg and i ended my session with two nearly 10 oz a piece , in total i had caught 16 roach over 8oz and a similar amount of 2oz bits plus 3 big skimmers for about 15 lb which was a lot more than i thought i would have caught at the beginning of the session .


It made a pleasant change from the constant F1 fishing i had done since my club season finished in August and i was just glad to get on to the bank with the awfully strong winds , as you can probably tell silver fishing is some thing that i haven’t done a great deal of recently and so cant expect to pick it up straight away so no doubt i did a few things wrong regarding feeding plus it still puzzles me why the pellet swim didn’t really produce and for some reason they aren’t working as well this winter with maggots being the number one bait .I’m having an enforced weekend off from fishing while my wife is away with work so hopefully the weather will have settled down and would have improved a bit also it will be a week closer to Spring when the fish should be feeding again in numbers .


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