Partridge lakes

January 24th , peg 160 Covey six


After almost three weeks away from match fishing i was eager to get back on the banks of Partridge lakes even though my last visit was pretty disappointing where i struggled to catch any f1s from covey three but today the open was to take place on covey 5 and 6 which is usually a good place for a few bites especially after their recent stocking , although all the recent rain-melted ice plus strong wind would have a big bearing on how the fish would respond today .

W hen i got up in the morning i was glad that the heavy overnight rain had ceased but it was now a bit breezy and the dashboard on the way their showed a mighty two degrees and it wouldn’t rise above that all day , when i arrived at the fishery there didn’t seem that many people knocking about apart from those contesting the team event on covey 1-4 and as a result their was only thirty fishing the open .

As i queued for the draw i didn’t fancy being on covey six as it was fishing really hard so it would be 50/50 on which lake i would get , i tried a different tactic regarding the draw and had the last peg in the bag to see if this would get me a good peg at last because since christmas i have been on a poor run but i wasn’t best impressed when number 160 sticking to my hand . This was in the middle of the straight in not a great area but i did have a bit of room with two empty pegs on each side plus i saw a couple of fish top across so you just never know .


I set up four rigs to cover various depths of my swim ;





My bait for the day was ;

1/2 pint micro

1/2 pint ground-bait

1/2 pint mixed maggots

small tub expanders normal and white


As the all in sounded i went across with my 3ft deep rig directly in front of me and i could then go shallower or deeper and left or right if i needed too , i didn’t put any feed in at first because i wanted to let the f1s guide me on how much to put in as at this time of year they can be really finicky . After twenty minutes i was still bite less so i risked putting in a couple of maggots in this didn’t work either although i had a feeling that their was fish in the area , i set up another swim a foot to my right because the left hand area of my peg was covered in the low winter sun shine and i started the process all over again but an hour in with still no bites also with the wind getting stronger i felt my rig wasn’t working properly by being dragged through the swim or getting blown about even when using a back shot .

I set up another swim eight meters to my left with my 4ft deep rig which was at the bottom of the far slope i hoped by using a slightly heavier float and being at an angle to the wind i might get better presentation so i could hopefully attract a few bites also i choose to feed pellets to see what response this would get , the answer was nothing and another bite less hour .Things were beginning to get a bit desperate but it was the same for all those around me in fact i had only seen a few people catch on the lake , with the wind increasing all the time i decided to cut down one of my channel rigs to 3ft hoping that this would get me better presentation which it did but unfortunately no bites .

We was now into the last two hours and about half a dozen anglers had decided to pack up including both my neighbours and the only reason i didn’t was the fact that i was only four f1s behind the leader in my section and if the fish did turn up you can soon get on a roll ,i tried in front of the empty peg to my left at the bottom of the slope this as you probably guess failed to produce a single sign in thirty minutes . Their was only one thing for it and out came my channel rig i choose to start yet again to my left and began dripping in some maggots after a couple of feeds my float dinked slightly a sharp lift resulted in six-inch of elastic coming out before it quickly came off but at least it was a sign of a fish .


A couple of more missed bites ensued but even after changing shotting patterns and depths i failed to connect with any which is usual for me when fishing in the channel , the indications soon stopped though so i started again directly in front of me still dripping in maggots this resulted in a bite out of the blue with a little chub making its way to the net and i had avoided the blank . No more bites came my way so i moved a meter to my right and started again this produced an f1 quickly followed by another , i was just beginning to get excited that i could put a run of fish together and claw my way back into the section but that’s all that i could manage before the all out .


Before i started packing up as their was only two of us left in the section i went round for a chat to the Maver north-west angler and he informed me that he had six f1s plus a couple of small chub which he had caught in the first hour across before the wind got to bad and he was fish less for the rest of the match , so for the second match running at Partridge lakes i had failed to get a descent net of fish i knew that it would fish hard today with all the ice water going in but not this hard and i hope the weather begins to improve soon so i can get back on the bank more because i feel that i am losing touch with the f1s by not getting out often enough .

I’m off to contest a match on the Cunneries S canal tomorrow so lets hope that i can catch a few fish at long last because i don’t think a have caught more than thirty since the end of November .


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