Cunneries fishery , S canal

January 25th , peg 35

Today was the second match of my weekend double-header and off i travelled to the Cunneries fishery to contest a match on the S canal somewhere that i hadn’t been to for well over 12 months but it is an out-and-out F1 water which is my style of fishing over winter although i have struggled a bit recently trying to get to grips with how the moody F1s are feeding as i haven’t been getting on the bank often enough . The match here on the previous day was won with nearly thirty pounds on the second leg of the canal and the other legs struggled especially the fourth leg near the cabin where just six pound was the top weight so no need to guess where i ended up with my bad run at the draw bag , the back up weights were unusually low with the F1s balling up in certain pegs because for the past few weeks the aerator has been on to stop it freezing but also it mixed up the waters normal thermocline .


When i arrived at the venue there was a few people knocking about and as i was fishing with a different bunch of anglers today i was unsure how i would get on although i did know a couple of them which is always nice seeing a friendly face or too and being able to point me towards the right person to book on . The weather was a bit more angler friendly today than it was yesterday with only a light breeze blowing away from the car-park and a bit over cast the only down side was yet another drop in temperature , with the canal fishing a bit hard a good draw would be needed but like i mentioned earlier i wasnt that lucky ending up smack bang in the middle of the fourth leg peg 35 i think which wasn’t the start that i had hoped for .

On getting to my peg it was a touch under 12 meters across with a nice cut out mud bank between two reed beds , i also had some reed cover on my right hand margin , with all this in mind i set up three rigs to cover my options today ;

Three foot , i plumbed up across to find this depth at eleven meters either side or the cut out in the reeds , although i found the bottom was rather uneven which gave me a few problems with the float settling during the match , i used a 4×12 malman roob float with a spread bulk an inch apart of size ten stotz starting above the six-inch hook length of 010 garbo and my hook was a size 20 matrix bagger hook .

Four foot , this depth was found in front of the reed beds and handily also on my top kit at the side of the weed bed on my right hand side of my peg , i though that this would be my best line thinking that the F1s would be settled in between the reeds for protection and warmth in the cold conditions , i used a 4×14 malman roob float with a spread bulk an inch apart of size ten stotz starting above the six-inch hook length of 010 garbo and my hook was a size 20 matrix bagger hook .

Channel , i found five foot at six meters towards the right side of my peg when i plumbed up i felt the plumbet sinking into the mud which made it a bit difficult getting the correct depth it also might make fishing this area difficult if they started feeding here on the deck , i used a 4×16 malman roob float with a bulk and dropper shooting pattern my line was 012 garbo which had a 010 garbo hook length with a size twenty matrix bagger hook .


My bait was what i had remaining from yesterdays match at Partridge lakes ;

1/2 pint mixed maggots

1/2 pint micros

1/2 pint ground-bait

small tub white and normal expanders

At the start of the match i went across on my four-foot rig towards the left hand of my peg in front of the reeds with a maggot on the hook , i drip fed a dozen maggots through a small preston cad pot before beginning to work my rig trying to entice a bite but thirty minutes passed with no signs other than when i foul hooked a fish on one of many lift-drops .Other people within eye shot seemed to be catching a lot closer to the reeds and a lot shallower than me so i decided to follow suit and picked up my three-foot rig but this time i choose to fish with pellets , i also decided to cut down the feed only tapping in a few micros after a few feeds i finally had my first bite and F1 number one made its way to the net and i hoped plenty more would follow .


In the first hour i had a total of two F1s in the net by working hard i managed a further five in the second hour but it was very hard work and i was struggling to get a run of fish from the one spot , i decided to rest my three-foot swim and retry the four-foot rig but this time with pellets and i choose to put it a bit lower down the shelf from where i caught the F1s from earlier in the match if they had dropped down the slope a bit , i only managed two fish from this line but they was of a bigger stamp at nearly two-pound a piece but it seemed the fish were happier at three-foot so i would just have to make this line work for me today .

I went back on my three-foot line and decided to have two swims going at either side of the cut out which was about a meter apart , i fed one and fished the other which seemed to do the trick because by doing this i managed to keep the odd fish coming up until the last ninety minutes when they seemed to switch off for me anyway .I had fed my channel swim with a kinder pot full of maggots every twenty minutes so i decided to give here a try but yet again i couldn’t get a bite from this line and it is something which i need to work on in the near future because it isn’t going right for me at present , i had also been flicking a couple of maggots to my right hand margin at the side of the reeds all match and when my float buried straight away i thought that i could be on for a shed full but yet again no more bites came my way .


When the all out was sounded it called an end to a rather frustrating match and i couldn’t get a run of fish from anywhere in my peg , thinking about it after the match i am sure that i did a fair few things wrong regarding over feeding on all my lines across and should have started the match dobbing maggots among the reeds which might have caught me the extra few fish required for a framing weight because my 15 F1s went 15lb which was only 4lb away from third place so i wasnt that far off the pace but i was far from happy with how i had fished today , practise makes perfect and i am very eager to get back their to get my own back on those pesky F1s .

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