German lane doughnut lake

February 1st


After managing to get a few hours on the bank today and with me planning to have a try at the Cunneries fisheries open match next weekend that is where i decided to go but before i set off i checked there website to make sure it was free from matches and apparently it would be . As i packed the car there was blue skies with only a light breeze perfect fishing weather if still a bit cold because it showed a mighty one degree on the dash-board , i quickly nipped to the local tackle shop for some maggots+pinkies before i headed off on to my twenty-minute journey to the fishery and on arrival i was unfortunately greeted to not only a match on both legs of the S canal but also one on the old canal as well it looks like someone had not updated their website .

I was in a bit of a quandary on where to go next there was a few fisheries within a five-minute drive but i really fancied some f1 fishing and the nearest venue that offered this was German lane which is somewhere that i hadn’t fished since 2013 when i won the Balmoral AC club match with 40lb of chub and f1s , so i hoped that it would fish okay today , after my short drive i arrived at the venue there was a couple of anglers on the big lake but i had the doughnut lake to myself so i settled on one of the more fancied pegs which was near the horse field gates and luckily the field was empty because it was nearly 16m across so i would need to put one of my rollers in the field .


I ended up using three lines today ;

3ft, this is where i decided to start because although it was still cold there was still plenty colour in the water and i felt this was the depth which would warm up quickest in the winter sunshine , on plumbing up i luckily found this depth at 14m because the wind was starting to get a bit gusty and could get problematic later in the session when holding the pole at this distance , i decided to leave my 16m section on as it would help me steady the pole in the conditions i used a 4×12 malman roob float which showed up remarkably well in that distance and i had 010 garbo line direct to a size twenty matrix bagger hook.

At 11am i was ready to go i put a 4mm expander on the hook filled the small preston cad pot full of micros with a nugget of groundbait on top before shipping out to my 14m mark where i had accurately plumbed up so the pellet was just touching bottom which would hopefully magnify any shy f1 bites , twenty minutes of working my rig resulted in absolutely nothing so i tried maggot over the top of my pellet feed but still no bites came my way . In the cold weather i have found that it is usual for the f1s to either back away from the feed or not move over it so i set up another swim at the same depth one meter to my left and decided to reduce the amount of feed i was putting in and i began again but even after setting up multiple lines along this 3ft depth i couldn’t attract a bite .


I decided to set up another rig further down the slope at 4ft which was found at 13m and i used a 4×14 malman roob float with 010 garbo direct to a size twenty matrix bagger hook , i planned on starting straight in front of me again but this time just with maggots to see if i could just start getting a few bites from anything so i began dripping in a couple of maggots every five minutes to try to instigate a response from any passing fish .Another twenty minutes past before my float finally dipped and fish number one made its way to the bank although it was only a chub it was a start , straight back out and another chub came my way but all the activity must have attracted a few f1s because i had a run of four big ones but as soon as they had turned up they were gone and i doubt that i had over fed because i barely used twenty maggots . I set up another couple of lines at this depth trying to find another nest of f1s but the wind had begun blowing quite strong which made presenting my rig a real struggle so i decided to set up a rig on my top four line and would only go across if the wind rellented.


I plumbed up and found 5ft which i was a bit surprised at with it being so close to the bank , my rig was a 4×12 malman roob with an on the drop shotting pattern my line was 010 garbo direct to a size twenty matrix bagger hook and i started my drip feeding maggots here on my first drop the float kept on going and a 4oz roach was swung in , next drop came an 8oz chub and it was all pretty much straight forward with fish after fish coming to the bank but i did have the odd quiet spell i did try fishing various depths on this line but i really needed to loose feed by hand unfortunately the wind was just too strong to do this .

average stamp

average stamp

After three hours i decided to call time on my session even with my bad first hour i still managed four f1s and about twenty roach+chub which i was extremely pleased with in the conditions , especially after hearing all my mates tales of woe on their various matches some of which i would have attended so it looks like i made the right decision today .I am looking forward to next weekends double-header Saturday on Cunneries old canal somewhere else i haven’t been for 18 months then on Sunday I’m torn between Sycamore fisheries or Partridge lakes both of which fished hard this weekend .



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