fishing plans

After getting my notifications the other day on which fisho tickets that i was successful in getting at Moorlands and Partridge lakes  it looks like i will be spending my summer on the later with a fisho qualifier and two maver match this on their this year , but before that I’m really looking forward to my first visit to Tunnel Barn Farm on the three-day festival and it will be nice fishing somewhere that i have read an awful lot about as nearly every F1 article in the fishing magazines has taken place on there .

I have also decided to enter a team in the Angling times supercup for the first time this year after my exploits with Farnworth tackle in 2014 and our home venue is at Sycamore fisheries where we have all done well so lets hope we get a home draw and make it past the first couple of rounds , i also intend on contesting a few different open matches with venues like Herronbrook , Old hough and Lindholme being on my radar so after leaving my Balmoral AC it looks like i will be keeping myself rather busy .

This weekend I’m off to the Cunneries on Saturday to contest the open match which is taking place on the old canal were I haven’t been for nearly two years  then on the Sunday im off to Heskin hall for a bit of silver bashing and a catch up with my mate The Big Dipper , so lets hope for a good couple of days with plenty bites .


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