Heskin hall pond one

February 8th


After yesterdays eventful match at the Cunneries targeting f1s i fancied a change of pace and decided to go silver fishing in the quiet surroundings of Heskin hall probably as far away from the hustle and bustle of the highly contested commercial matches as you can get . I woke on the Sunday to find a thick fog which did not shift all day but at least we didn’t have any frost and after getting all my layers on , packing the car including the ice breaker i headed off to pick my mate the big dipper up ( who has also done a blog on todays events ) we stopped off for a mcds breakfast on our way there .

On arrival we had a quick look at pond two as it was the closest to the car-park and my mate had told me that their was a huge head of roach in it plus their was no point pushing our barrows over the muddy field to pond one if we could fish on their but a few anglers were fishing the method to the island and as we fancied some peace+quiet so decided on the long walk to pond one on the plus side pond two was relatively ice-free so fingers crossed so would the other one .

After huffing and puffing our way to pond one we was relieved to find an ice-free patch up to about six meters on the pegs at the side of the trees so no ice breaking will be required today thank god , i gave my mate the better of the two pegs and settled on one nearby a peg which often produces a few of the bigger skimmers and the odd carp or two . I decided to start fishing at five meters were after plumbing up i found it to be five foot deep and because there was only a slight breeze i used a 4×12 malman roob float with an on the drop shotting pattern my line was 010 garbo which had a size twenty drennon silver fish-hook , i didn’t want to go to light because this pond although quite small has a healthy head of carp and big skimmers .

Heskin Hall01

My bait was just what i had remaining from yesterdays match which was ;

1/2 pint pinkies

1/2 pint red and white maggots

1/2 pint soaked micros

At 10am we was ready to get started and i set my timer for four hours i tapped in a few pinkies and a couple of maggots then proceeded to work my rig while i waited for an indication it is always a bit nerve-wracking fishing a venue you hadn’t been for well over a year especially in these conditions but i didn’t have to wait long before my float dipped and i was briefly attached to a big foul hooked skimmer . At least there was still fish in the pond but you all know that losing a skimmer directly over your feed can have a disastrous effect on your peg especially in the cold clear conditions , so i was expecting a bit of a wait before my next bite but it didn’t take too long when a roach off about 4oz hitting the net a few more quickly followed but they wasn’t getting any bigger where as my mate on the next peg was catching a bigger stamp including some cracking roach over a pound i put this down to him being able to fish further out than i was .


I was getting the odd smaller fish intercepting the maggot on the way down so i decided to change my shotting pattern for a bulk and dropper shotting pattern by doing this i felt it would give me a chance to get my bait quicker to the bottom and hopefully get me a better stamp of fish , i was a bit unsure at first if it would work because my swim just died on me but it wasn’t long before i found out why when my float slowly slid under and i was attached to a big lump of a carp which was certainly giving me the run around on my silver fish rig five minutes later a carp approaching 8lb graced my landing net a proper bonus fish but this killed my peg good and proper .

With the ice melting a bit more i put another couple of sections on and plumbed up at the side of it , it was only a couple of inch deeper so at least i didn’t have to change my rig . My mate was feeding a lot heavier than me putting in a good thirty maggots after every fish but i was still in f1 negative mode feeding just six offerings , i decided to increase the amount of maggots i was putting in and cut out the pinkies because you could see them slowly falling through the water which was bringing the fish up in the water as you could see the flash of the roach a few feet under the surface .The increase in bait going in worked a treat with a bigger stamp hitting the net i did have a few quiet spells but by changing between red and white maggots every few fish i managed to keep the coming , towards the end i had a run of pound plus skimmers which i think was because of the spread of bait i had put down .


All in all i had an enjoyable few hours catching silvers and i will be going back in the near future it certainly made a change from the constant matches i have done and it brought me back to the reason i started fishing in the first place catching a few silvers in the quiet natural surroundings , i ended up with nearly twenty pound of silvers and that big carp of about 8lb not bad for a half-frozen lake it was minus two degrees on the way to the venue and it didn’t rise above 2 degrees all day. My mate the big dipper will be putting up his interpretation up of how the day went on a blog which i will be publishing in the next few days and it will no doubt be a great read , i will be heading back to the hustle and bustle of partridge lakes on Sunday to fish in the Leigh tackle and bait winter league taking my mates place on covey five i just hope i don’t start over feeding again .



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