Partridge lakes , Leigh tackle and bait round 7

February 15th , covey five peg 117


Todays match was a bit different to the opens that i usually fish because today i was standing in for my mate on the 7th round of the Leigh tackle and bait winter league at Partridge lakes as he was away sunning himself in Lanzarote and i would be taking his place on Covey five a water i hadn’t fished since i got second on the lake in November i hope it hadn’t changed much so i could do the team 2+2 justice.

On arrival at the venue i met up with the other members of the team who i hadn’t seen before and we had a quick chat on how it was fishing on the open match the previous day second place came from Covey five with 56lb and the match on Thursday there had been quite a few weights over 50lb up to 80lb so it looked like it was fishing well after its recent restocking .A few of my mates turned up about 830 so i went over for a chat about the upcoming Angling times Supercup and we were all eager to find out who we would draw on Tuesday , i was so busy talking that i missed the team draw and Phil the captain had to come to find me but he did have some good news that i would be on peg 117 the same one which came second on yesterdays match . I have said this many times before that on Partridge lakes the last place you want to draw is a peg that produced a framing weight the previous day , i don’t know why this should happen but it always does and today the wind was blowing the opposite way so i didn’t know whether to be happy or sad but i would be giving it my best shot .


When i got to my peg i noticed that i had plenty room to the right as i had the width of the island to fish against although it wasn’t that wide directly in front of me and i also had an aerator towards my left ,but with the weather being a touch warmer of late and with blue skies plus light winds i decided not to set up my 4ft rig today going for ;

2ft , 3ft and in the channel at 5ft

I had heard that the F1s in Covey five had responded really well to pellets so that is the bait which my match would revolve around ;

micros , 4mm pellets , ground-bait , 4mm expanders and a pint of mixed maggots


After plumbing up i found a nice flat spot 3ft deep at 11m which was 2ft from the far-bank towards the rope of the aerator , i again discovered the same depth directly in front of me but that was at 8m i felt the fish wouldnt settle so close to me and i put a line in further to my right . When the all in sounded at 1015 i went out to my 11m swim with an expander on the hook and a few micros in the cad pot being careful not to overfeed until i knew how many fish was in my peg , it didn’t take long for my first F1 of the day hit the net and before the match started i thought six fish an hour would be enough to get good points today so when another quickly followed i was well on my way of reaching my target .

When fishing for F1s with pellet it is really important not to overfeed because although they like bait falling through the water if you put too much in they will certainly back away from it .

By taking my time with my feed and alternating between feeding micro and 4mm pellets i managed eight F1s for about 10lb but in the second hour it slowed considerably with only four fish coming my way and i think this was down to the wind increasing blowing out of my peg taking the f1s with it plus it also made the presentation more awkward also i don’t think i changed swims quick enough putting too much pressure on it , i set up another swim directly in front of me and proceeded to start my match again but this area of my peg was very slow as i thought it would be when i plumbed up before the match started although the two f1s it did produce were of a bigger stamp at nearly 2lb a piece .


I spent the next ninety minutes working all over my swim i even tried big potting micros to the right edge of my far-bank and had also been putting in maggots at the channel near the aerator but couldn’t get a run of fish anywhere putting only three fish in the net , i went back on to my original swim where i began getting lots of line bites and i tried my 2ft rig over the top without getting any indications in ten minutes i was on the verge of bringing my rig in when the float buried and i was attached to a nice stockie carp no more indications came my way on this rig but when i went back on to my 3ft rig but i was still getting liners again . I replumbed up with my pellet just touching bottom and this got me another good run of fish with another ten hitting the net , in the last thirty minutes they backed off again but by putting on another section going as close to the aerator rope as i could this produced two more stockies and a foul hooker which i lost right on the whistle for the all out .

I ended up with 29 fish for just under 30lb getting beat by 2014 fisho finalist Shaun cooke on peg 115 who had 35 fish for 45lb so he had managed a bigger stamp of fish than me , i was also behind a peg on the split which had produced a 32lb weight so i ended up third in the section and fifth on the lake and with a bit of luck i could have at least second but that’s match fishing for you . Overall it was a rather confusing match for me and no doubt did quite a few things wrong although the team finished joint first on the day with 12 points winning both marsh + covey six so it wasn’t too bad and i cant wait to get back on their .

Next weekend i will be doing a double-header with Partridge lakes open on the Sunday and Cunneries fishery on the Saturday , think i am getting addicted to this F1 fishing .



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