Cunneries open match S canal

21st February , peg 28


After my last visit to Cunneries fishery two weeks ago where i managed to get forth missing out on framing by one fish, i was understandably eager to get back their and after booking on during the week it soon came round to the day of the match . The weather forecast had said it would be a nice day and as i set off it looked like they was correct with a bit of blue sky plus light winds although this meant it was rather cold the dash-board showing a mighty minus one degree but this was all going to change during my twenty-minute travel to the venue , as i hit Wigan it starting sleeting ok i can deal with that but just five minutes further down the road it was an inch thick with snow and it showed no signs of stopping . I was on the verge of turning round and going home when i spotted some blue sky in the distance this gave me the encouragement i needed to keep going and see how bad the fishery was when i got their .

As i arrived i was glad that i hadn’t made the decision to turn round because their wasn’t a sign of any snow but no doubt the cold rain would have a bearing on how it would fish , when i went to pay on their was 36 anglers down to contest the match which was a great turn out in the conditions and with them paying four sections plus top three it would be a good pay out for someone . When it came round to draw time i was halfway down the list and i managed to get on peg 28 which meant nothing to me as i hadn’t fished the Cunneries S canal a great deal , it took me awhile to find my peg because most of them wasn’t numbered when i finally found it wasn’t far from the end peg on leg three with the wind blowing out of it and another half decent draw on here , it had a nice looking weed bed to my left with a reed lined far-bank which had a mud bank cut out .


I decided to use three rigs today 3ft-4ft-channel and i also went for simplicity on the bait front too taking just a pint of red+white maggots but i did have some pellets in my bag if required but this isn’t a bait which works for me on here . When the all in sounded i shipped out to 11m with a single red maggot and half a dozen samples in the pot , my hook bait hadn’t even touched bottom when i had my first f1 of the day and two more quickly followed if it stayed like this i could be on for a red-letter day .The first hour was pretty straight forward with ten big f1s hitting the net but predictably the second hour slowed down and i think i had over fished the swim plus the wind had got stronger blowing towards the car-park , i wasn’t quick enough in changing for a heavier rig to cope with the conditions i did put another six fish in the net but when i began getting bothered by small skimmers it was time for another swim . By moving just a foot too my left and using my heavier rig i was back catching the f1s again and these were now proper bites some even dragging the pole tip under the water (think they were bolting against the weight of the shot ) i wasn’t complaining though as i was still catching well .


In the third hour i completely lost the fish i had fed a dozen maggots at the side of the margin weed bed and was expecting an instant response and that is exactly what i got but not from f1s but gudgeon after gudgeon , i went back across on to my original line with my heavier rig and this coincided with a really heavy snow storm but with a drop in the wind so a quick change of rigs resulted in another six fish before it died on me again . I was still just about in front on my two legs of the S canal but in the last ninety minutes the lad on the last peg started with a run of f1s that lasted the rest of the match , where i had to set up another swim 13m to my left to start catching again and i bumped a few off by dragging them round in front of me so that i could ship them back in .

As the all out sounded i had 33 f1s on the clicker plus a few skimmers and when the scales came round to me i put 41lb on the scales to take the lead although it didn’t last long with the next to end peg on leg two putting 48lb on the scales which was no doubt within my grasp but the end peg on leg four had the overall win with 62lb catching most of his f1s by fishing towards the bridge in the calmer water , so in the two weeks i have fished the opens on the cunneries S canal i have won leg one and got 4th overall and today won leg three and got third overall but i have had a couple of decent draws but that’s the normal thing for me because i have always been lucky at the draw bag .


Off to Partridge lakes tomorrow to fish the open on covey 1-4 somewhere i haven’t fished for a few months so lets hope for a good draw and a few fish .



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