Widdows flash

March 10th , peg 26


After managing to get off work a bit earlier than usual i decided to have a few hours fishing to practice my short-range tip work , i had planned on going to Sycamore fishery which had shown signs of improvement looking at the weekends match results but i decided to go on Widdows flash because my mate text me earlier in the day saying that he was going their .

On arrival at the venue i was surprised to see half a dozen anglers fishing with most of them congregating towards the pegs in the thirties which usually through up plenty of carp in the colder months , i decided to sit on peg 26 which was near the board pegs another good area plus it was only a short walk from the rear car-park .As i had decided to only fish the tip rod i was set up in no time and at 3 o’clock i was ready to start , with only pellets on my side tray it should be a fairly straight forward and just needed to keep my casting tight .

I decided to cast every five minutes for the first half hour to put a bit of bait down before leaving it a while longer after that and would the regularity of bites-liners tell me how long to wait , i was casting a couple of feet off the far-bank in the slightly deeper water and it didn’t take long before i began getting twitches on the rod tip nothing positive though , when these disappeared i had to begin casting with more regularity because i noticed that i would get indications almost as soon as the feeder landed . I tried changing hook baits to a semi buoyant band-um but this didn’t work neither did a smaller 4mm pellet .


My mate was also struggling to catch fishing in the channel and from where i was sitting i could only see one person catch he was on the flyer peg 36 fishing 17m under the aerator , so you could say it was going to be a tough one but after an hour my tip finally pulled round proper and i was attached to a nice 1lb plus skimmer . I hopped that this was the first of many but i wasnt that lucky as it signaled the end of any more liners or bites . The lad that i was with started putting a run of tiny silvers together plus the odd one around 8oz , so with nothing happening across i decided to start a new swim casting in the channel towards peg 25 and just like at the beginning of my session i was getting plenty liners but still no proper indications i’m pretty sure that these were from the tiny silvers my mate was catching .

After another bitless hour i decided to go back across but casting a lot closer to the far-bank i was even contemplating changing from my pellet feeder to a small banjo but kept things the same , i thought that maybe i was casting a bit too frequent and that was the reason the small silvers moved in .So i decided to leave it up to twenty minutes before re-casting and i don’t know if by doing this or the light beginning to fade but i had a proper pull round which saw me attached to a big carp this unfortunately broke my 014 hook length as i was struggling to free the line from behind the line clip on the reel .


On my next cast the feeder was only in for five minutes before my next bite which nearly dragged the rod in and this time i managed to get in with no bother i soon had a near 6lb carp nestling in the net , the light was fading fast and i had just began packing up a few bits when my last cast of the session produced another carp but much smaller than my previous one . So lots for me to think about after today’s session it wasn’t exactly as hectic as i had planned and no doubt i would have caught a lot more at Sycamore fishery but on the plus side i was more than happy with my casting and the way that my rod coped with the big carp .

I’m off to Hall lane fishery on saturday for a practise on our first round supercup venue merlins canal so lets hope the carp are in a feeding mood , not sure yet about Sunday yet either Sycamore fisheries or Partridge lakes .



4 thoughts on “Widdows flash

    • Yeah m8 its fishery only pellets on their now , not sure about the feeder but tommy the balief came round for his money and never said anything , like you said their murder for changing the rules lol

      • Thanks Garry I’m on there Sunday so I’ll clarify it with Tommy got a club match on March 29th so I need to give our members the right info there’s a few of them in the club that only throw feeders about lol

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