Hall lane fishery , Merlins pool

14th March , peg 11


With my up and coming Super cup match taking place on here and seeing as though i hadn’t been here since my club match last year i thought that it was about time i went down for a practise and try to get a feel for the place  before we had our match on their . I few of the squad had intended to turn up but most had prior engagements so it ended up just me and another lad , when we got to the complex we decided not to fish the better pegs which would also save on the very long walk to the bottom of the pool and went on the middle of the second island , the weather leading up to today had been a bit cold with a lot of overnight rain but now we had a light easterly wind with an overcast sky with temperatures around the five degree mark .


As we were practising for the match with both choose different tactics and bait , i decided to use meat and corn plus pellet if i was struggling and choose to fish top four bottom of near shelf and at 13m bottom of far shelf this was at about 5 or 6 foot deep . My mate decided to fish top four line with maggot and 14m tight to the island with pellet , so we felt this would give us a good way to decipher what would be the best tactics to use .


At ten o’clock we was ready to get started , i fed a small cupping kit on to my top four line which i planned on doing every thirty minutes for at least two hours before going onto it and i then went out too my 13m line with a large kinder pot full of meat+corn and a piece of meat on the hook i fished a float length over depth to present a static bait just incase the wind got any stronger . My rig was in the water for less than five minutes before it shoot under and i was briefly attached to a carp because for some reason it came off when i got it on to my top four line , this might have been down to the fact i needed to break down twice when shipping the pole back as their was a wire fence preventing me shipping back in one piece .


At least it showed that their was some fish in the area , i went back out with another kinder pot full of feed and lowered my rig in among it and i had to wait at least 15 mins before my next indication i also lost this one too and the next one as well .I decided to lay less line on the bottom to see if this would solve the problem and put corn on the hook this seemed to work well as in the next half hour i had a carp around the 4lb mark , a large skimmer and another carp around 8lb .


I then had a long wait before i got any more indications so i decided to feed it with a small cupping kit full of corn+meat because i figured that i wasn’t putting in enough feed to keep the bigger fish there and then went to give my top four line a try but after twenty minutes this failed to produce a single bite , the 13m line had benefited from the rest though as i had a couple of quick carp before bites tailed off again . My mate was catching the odd carp and skimmer fishing tight across so i decided to put in a line there myself because i felt that i needed somewhere to go when the bites began tailing off at 13m , i originally intended to continue fishing meat and corn their but this failed to produce a single bite so a quickly changed it to a pellet line the difference was remarkable because on my first drop with a 4mm expander on the hook produced a carp and a couple more quickly followed before i had a quiet spell of thirty minutes and a pattern was certainly emerging in my mind .


I set up another line at the same depth four meters further to my right and started again this also produced a few quick carp before it went quiet on me again , so i decided to alternate between the two swims picking a couple of carp off before changing swims this definitely seemed to be the way to go and i even put a swim in four meters to my left strangely this line only produced skimmers including a bream of nearly 5lb i put this down to the fact there was no bank side cover for the carp to feel comfortable in .


At 3 o’clock i decided to call an end to the session and ended up with between 40+50lb but could have added another 15 to 20lb on top with the carp that i had lost during the day , my mate ended up with about 20lb but tended to stay on just the one line across although he did have a few silvers on his top four with maggots . All in all it was a good day and we learned quite a lot which i hope to be putting to good use on the next two matches on here first to pick the team and then the actual super cup itself of course i will be spreading the information out among the squad members before hand .

Tomorrow i will be off to Sycamore fisheries to do a bit of f1 fishing its been a good few months since my last visit their , lets hope i can get back too my good results on their and better start polishing my drawing arm .




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