Partridge Lakes, Open Match, 07.03.15


Weather: Sunny, 12C, 25mph SW wind, Air pressure 1018

Peg; Covey 53

64 fished

The weather had warmed up this week and it looks like spring has arrived with temperatures into double figures.  There had been some warmish winds a couple of days before this match and today was to be the same with a strong south-westerly, 13C wind hitting the water.  Considering this my approach and preparation had changed a little for this match and the ice breaker and thermal wellies were left at home and my summer shallow rigs, pellets and a third keep net (wishful thinking) were packed into the car.  I had decided on a positive approach to this match and if I was to get a peg with a good breeze on the water I fancied I could catch shallow on hard pellet and I would also fancy them at 5ft on my top 2 with maggot.


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