Sycamore fishery– Rowans canal

March 15th , peg 28


After yesterdays fishing trip to Hall lane where i went to practice for the up and coming super cup match where i caught some big carp , i fancied a change of pace today and decided to go for some f1s so a trip to Sycamore fisheries was in order somewhere that i hadn’t been for a good few months because it was only ten minutes drive down the road i had a later than usual start but of course i still arrived their first . So i decided to have a quick walk around to reacquaint myself to the match canals , my mate had fished Silver birch canal on Weds and said that it had fished quite hard so i didn’t fancy drawing on their especially as the weather hadn’t got any better since then with an easterly wind , cold temps and overnight rain Will spring ever arrive .


When i got back at the cabin i went to book on their was a couple of people knocking about all the usual faces plus a few new ones , when it came to draw time i pulled out my usual flyer or is it i just the fact that i make them look good anyway off i headed to peg 28 Rowans canal and after making my way through the sluch i finally arrived at my home for the day , it was just your run of the mill peg on here 13m wide two far-bank reed beds which had a mud bank in between and the only different thing it had was a bush in between my peg and 27 which was a good area to target in summer but I’m not to sure it will have a bearing on things today so after looking at my peg i decided to fish three areas ;

Bottom near slope at 4ft – 4×12 malman roob float with 012 garbo main line which had a 010 garbo hook length and a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

Channel at 6m – 4×14 malman roob float with 012 garbo main line which had a 010 garbo hook length and a size 18 gamma pellet hook .

Far slope at 3ft – i set up two rigs for this line a 4×10 and a 4×14 malman roob  my main line was 012 garbo which had a 010 garbo hook length and a size 20 gamma pellet hook .


My bait was ;

Micro pellets

4mm expanders normal + white

1 pint red + white maggots

At ten o’clock it was time to get started so i shipped out to my far-bank marker with a few micros in the cad pot and a 4mm expander on the hook , after working my rig for nearly ten minutes my float dipped and f1 number one made its way to the net at nearly 1lb they had certainly packed the weight on since my last visit . For the next hour i was having my own little duel with the f1s and i was winning with six of them coming my way , in the second hour the stockie carp had muscled their way into my swim and although they were bigger they seemed to be coming into the peg in pairs with long waits between bites .


I had been loose feeding maggots on to my near slope since the match started and as it would also allow me to rest the far-bank i decided to give it a try but a bite less twenty minutes wasn’t what i expected because this line has worked really well for me on here in the past , the middle part of the match was a complete non event for me as i didn’t put a single fish in the net during a ninety minute spell despite rotating my swims and even set up a new one at 4ft across in case they had dropped further down the far-bank slope but this didn’t work for me either .


In the later stages of the match the cold easterly wind dropped a little with the sun finally showing itself and this seemed to spark a response in the fish as my seemingly lifeless far-bank began producing a few bites , by swapping between the three swims i had earlier set up across i finally started putting some fish in the net again and i felt that i was clawing my way back into contention of a framing place . The final whistle soon sounded and not for a long time had i not wanted to hear it as an extra thirty minutes would have given me chance to get the couple more fish required for a better finishing position .

I knew that corner peg 31 had caught well and so had the guy opposite me so i would just have to wait and see what the scales had to say  , when they arrived at my peg i needed to beat 33lb to take the lead and although i had only caught twenty fish i felt it could be close but unfortunately my net fell a bit short with the scales showing 29lb , i followed the weighers up the remaining pegs on Rowans canal and it turned out that i had done enough to get second on the canal plus third overall which wasn’t to bad on my first visit here in a while . Although i know that i did a few things wrong or failed to try today and if i fished it again i would have done better but that is why we keep going back because we are always learning especially when targeting those pesky f1s.

This week i will be mainly preparing for Sundays squad practise at Hall lane merlins pool where the first round of the super cup will be taking place and i then have the fun job of picking the team which will get us through . On a lighter note i have just watched the new Des Shipp e magazine which is all about winter_spring f1 fishing on tunnel barn and the fifty minute video is well worth watching because i haven’t seen that much about this subject on the screen although their has been a great deal written about it .



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