Sycamore fishery — Rowans

March 23rd , peg 23 Rowans


After managing to get the day of work as we was having some units fitted i decided to spend a few hours on the bank of Sycamore fishery and reacquaint myself to the f1+stockies in their , i had to stay local because i needed to drop and pick up my little lad from school as it was only a ten minute drive it was the perfect place to go . I arrived at the fishery around 930 as i was the only angler on the complex i had the tricky job of picking the right peg and i decided to go on Rowans because it had been the one in form recently because you can’t learn anything if you ain’t catching .


As the wind and rain was blowing towards Davids pool i settled on peg 23 as this would enable me to use my bait brolly which would protect everything on my side tray from the elements although it was forecast to improve by dinner time , i was only having a short three-hour session i decided to use it to try a few new things out and when i was sorting my fishing gear out i noticed that there was some muddy patches along the far-bank shelf no doubt caused from feeding fish eating the remaining bait from yesterdays match , from previous experience on the venue i figured it would be at the depth of 3ft so i set up a positive+negative rig to cover my options this was something i had only recently started doing and i needed to spend a few hours getting it right .


I had also seen recently that the new trend for f1 fishing was to leave plenty bristle showing about 5mm and also have a longish leader between pole +float so i decided to give that a try but i didn’t want to put to many different things into the equation so i could get a better representation of how the two rigs compared and i choose to keep it simple with the bait with just micro-4mm pellets – expanders plus a few grains of corn being on my side tray . At ten o’clock i was ready to get started i put on my negative rig first and with a 4mm expander on the hook micros in the small cad pot , i shipped out to 12m deposited it in the swim then lowered my hook bait amongst it no sooner had it settled when it shot under and carp number one hit the net a couple more quickly followed but i think i had either overdone it with the feed or not fed enough because i went on to foul hook my next two fish which understandably killed my peg .


In the next hour i set up multiple swims at 3ft tried both my rigs but could only add a couple more carp the drizzle finally started to ease and finally i could see a touch of blue sky , i then had a light bulb moment !!! the last carp that i caught had swam towards me and not left or right , as you all know the f1s+carp usually head back towards their shoal when you hook them so maybe they had dropped further down the slope as the cold rain had gone in . I  replumbed up just six-inch deeper this also reduced the line between pole+float and i also began feeding every five minutes to try to make something happen , after a while my float slowly slid under this time a crucian hit the net and i started on a little run of them but the bites where only little dinks so i added another stotz to dimple it right down and by doing this it really magnified any little indication .


I don’t know whether it was by dotting the float down , the constant feeding or the better conditions but i suddenly began getting among the fish again and by the end i was getting a fish nearly every few minutes . All too soon the time caught up with me and i had to call it a day with 15 carp+f1s plus half a dozen crucians hitting the bank for about 25lb in just three hours , i feel that i have learned a lot today about rigs and feeding but i need to put a few more hours in before i get to the bottom of it .

I did find today that;

Feeding every five minutes was best

My positive rig produced more bites maybe due to the windy conditions

A dimpled down float showed up bites a lot better

Sitting on one line and working the rig seemed the way to go , rather than chasing them all over your peg .


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