Hall lane Merlins canal

March 22nd peg 8


With the upcoming Angling times Super cup looming large on the horizon i thought it was about time that i got the team together so we could try to sort out a plan which would give us the sections required to enable us to get through to round two . The weather leading up to the match had been nice sunny with blue skies and more importantly light winds as it can be a bit of a wind trap on Hall lane , luckily when i woke in the morning it looked like it was going to stay the same .

On arrival at the complex their seemed to be a congregation of cars that i didn’t recognize at the drop off point near Merlins canal i soon found out why though , as the left hand side where the super cup was going to take place had been double booked normally this wouldn’t have been a problem as i would have just suggested to have one big match and this would probably given our team a better idea on how it should fish on the big day .


It had not only been double booked but it was with Fir tree AC the side we was going to face in our knock out competition , i had a chat with their team captain to try to resolve the situation and as the other side of the canal was free we decided to toss a coin for which side to go on luckily for me i won and we could fish the super cup length .I hastily did the draw and choose to put a couple of anglers on each island , i really didn’t fancy drawing on the first stretch especially the first peg because it can be totally devoid of carp at times . The last ball in the bag was number eight so i was unfortunately in the worst area but at least i was on the better side and not far from where i fished the other week .

I decided to fish four areas today ;

Margin , Across ,Near slope , Far slope

As i was targeting a big stamp of fish so took with me ;

Corn , 4m pellets , 6mm expanders


When it was time for the all in i decided to start on my far-slope at 11m because the wind had begun to blow quite strong towards the drop off point and fishing any further across could become a bit awkward , i fed a medium cupping kit full of corn+pellets and a piece of corn on the hook . I had left about 5mm of the bristle showing on the float because i wanted to get a positive indication from the carp as their was a lot of small silvers in here too which could get in the way , i began getting little dips on the float which i left waiting for a proper bite but these never materialized i found out after the match from my mate that the little indications i was leaving where proper carp bites because he was hitting these and putting some nice fish in the net .


Forty minutes past with only a few skimmers to show for it wasn’t exactly the start i wanted and with the lads to my left catching carp across i decided to follow suit , i had earlier plumbed up two areas so that i could pick up carp from one while resting the other and by doing this i hoped i could keep catching for a lot longer . I went across with a kinder pot full of pellets plus a few grains of corn and a 6mm expander on the hook , my float had only been settled a few minutes when it shot under and carp number one made an appearance at around 5lb it was well worth catching too .


By rotating my two lines i kept the fish coming it was far from hectic but i kept putting the odd carp in the net and with about two hours remaining the wind surprisingly relented and so did the bites which was a bit puzzling , i choose to begin feeding my right hand margin at 4m with pellet+corn while i pondered on what to do next the lads to my left in the better area was still catching carp across so they must still be there . So i plumbed up a new line a bit further round the bend of the island and started kinder potting the pellets this worked well and i finally began catching decent fish again but this time they were barbel , i knew that i wasn’t in contention of getting in the first two so i decided to try something a bit different just too see what would happen and i big potted two lots of pellets+corn on my right hand swim across which had not produced an indication for awhile .


I left this to settle for a bit so gave my margin ago i had a couple of indications which showed there was fish present i was on the verge of giving it another feed before going back across when my float suddenly buried and after a short fight i had a nice barbel in the net , five minutes later my float shot under again but this time it snagged me up before i could get it away from the bank side reeds and i needed to pull for a break understandably this killed my margin so i put another two big pots in before going back across .

I had virtually a bite straight away on my kinder potted swim from a carp and the same on my positive swim , i began getting the odd fish from each and by swapping between them i kept them coming right to the end of the match but i never had another bite from my margin swim .After packing up i went down to peg 23 to begin the weigh in and Jordan who was on this peg had done really well managing to put a nice net of F1s together it seemed to be devoid of any carp which wasn’t surprising as it was flat calm here with no far-bank cover and he did well to weigh in thirty pounds .

Tony was next on peg 18 and with the bit of ripple on the water in front of him he had managed to get a good net of carp together catching both at 11m bottom of far-slope and at 14m tight across he weighed in 70lb including some nice lumps . Rob had similar conditions to contend with and caught across all match putting 80lb on the scales for the match win , he seemed to have caught more carp than Tony but were a smaller stamp .

Stu had not fished this venue before and struggled to get to grips with it but did manage a mixed bag of fish for a weight of 25lb from peg ten , he did stay on after the match had finished managing to catch some proper lumps on his top four feeding heavy with maggots . I was on peg eight and managed 16 carp+barbel for 50lb which i don’t think was to bad from an unfancied area , i lost about four fish and didn’t catch in the first forty minutes either .

Aidy was on peg two somewhere no one wanted to draw and he struggled most of the day catching silvers on maggot but he did manage to lose four carp so his final weight of 20lb could have been considerably improved upon . Well that was our main team practice over with and we have all learned a lot especially those that hadn’t seen the venue before , no doubt we will be giving it another try soon and then we will be getting together to discuss the best way to fish it so hopefully you will soon be reading how we got through to the second round of the Angling times Super cup .