Hall lane Merlins

March 28th , peg 22

After our last team practice i wanted to go and try a few things out which some of the lads had caught well on before , so after an early start i arrived at Hall lane fishery at around 8am and headed off to the bottom of Merlins canal settling on peg 22 the conditions were best described as awful with a strong gusty wind blowing towards the car-park and heavy bursts of cold rain and this would make fishing further than six meters really difficult but as i had planned on fishing maggot at top four and ground-bait in the margin i thought i would be ok . I ┬ástarted on my top four line as i couldn’t throw maggots accurately in the conditions i put a big pot in and would then top up with a kinder pot when required , the wind was pulling the rig through quite badly so i went a float length over depth but should have gone for a heavier float as well .

Thirty minutes in i was still bite less even after topping up every five minutes but maybe they needed time to find the bait with only me and my mate fishing today , i put in two cupping kits full of ground-bait in my right hand margin and went over the top with a 6mm expander and i began getting the odd indication but couldn’t hit the bites a change to double maggot got me my first fish which was a 4 oz roach quickly followed by a chub of similar size not really what i wanted to catch so i decided to re-feed and go back on to my maggot line .

After an hour my mate started getting the odd skimmer on his 5m pellet line and as my maggot line wasnt producing i choose to risk putting in a swim at 7m where i fed 4mm pellets through a large kinder pot and i had a 6mm expander on the hook ,as expected it took a good thirty minutes before i had my first fish which was a 6oz skimmer and i finally began getting a run of bites this also coincided with the rain stopping and sun coming out .

With less than an hour remaining i decided to concentrate on my margin swim and chose to cut the ground-bait replacing it with kinder potting maggots , i was getting plenty indications from silvers and i noticed that i would get a quick bite as soon as i tapped in my bait .I was a bit surprised when it suddenly died on me but i didn’t need to wait long to find out why as my float shot under and i was briefly attached to what felt like a big barbel unfortunately it popped off , when i checked my hook i noticed one of my maggots had gone over the point looked like it wasn’t going to be my day .

At 12 o’clock i decided to call it a day i was pretty disappointed with my catch of about 8lb but i wanted to try a few things out and i think they can be consigned to the dust bin , my mate had a far better days fishing at five meters with 4mm expander over micro+ground-bait catching skimmers+f1s plus the odd carp . So even though it wasn’t a great days fishing i learned a lot and i think that i have a plan in mind which will get me among the fish if the carp decide not to play ball on match day .