Hall lane Merlins , Supercup round one

April 4th , peg 16


Today was the Matthews580 first attempt at the Angling times Supercup and even after suffering a few drop outs from the squad plus a couple of our better anglers missing i felt that we should still have enough descent people capable of doing the job especially after our recent practice match where we caught plenty fish and worked out a good method to catch in the poorer areas . The weather leading up to todays match had been awful with strong winds plus constant heavy rain , but it looked like it had broke just in time for the weekend as the day before it had got a lot better with blue skies and just a light breeze thankfully it was the same on the day of the match too .

On arrival at Hall lane our team was the first they’re so it gave us chance to have a talk on how best to fish it and after meeting up with Fir tree AC who we was fishing against today we began the draw , there was a choice of two envelopes to pick from which would show the sections we had but to be fair there wasn’t a great difference in either of them as each team would have three end pegs . Without going into the overall draw too much we had a couple of our better anglers in poor areas which cost us in the end but their was nothing we could do about that and we was all capable of putting fish in the net if it came down to weight , yet again i got left a good peg in the envelope as you all know it is nothing new and my home for the day was peg 16 which is situated at the bottom of the middle island in between the two pegs where we caught well in practice .


As i thought that i would be in a good area for carp i decided to fish three lines ;

Across , top four , margin

With my bait consisting of ;

4mm pellets , corn , 4+6mm expanders


When the all in sounded i put a cupping kit full of pellets +corn on my top four line before shipping out to 14m with the same bait in a large kinder pot and corn on the hook , i was quite confident of catching carp across because when i began plumbing up i felt a couple of fish bumping in to the line and i was proved right as first drop i lost a carp and then put 7 nice fish in the net in the first hour by fishing corn or pellet two-inch of the deck .I thought that i might be on for a shedfull but they strangely disappeared and i don’t know if i had got the feeding wrong or they had just backed off round the corner of the island into the area where no one was fishing , but thinking back that was exactly what happened on our practice match and even those that bagged up had a quiet spell.


While i had caught well in the first hour i had text a few of the lads in the poorer areas to let them know how i had caught but it seemed a few of us where struggling to get any carp which wasn’t a good sign , for the next couple of hours i could only catch tench +f1s across even after setting up multiple swims and i even resorted to big potting on one of them as this worked for me in the practice match , i ended up putting my 16m section on going further around the corner this didn’t make much difference either as i was still not picking up any carp but while i was well in front for my section i just kept putting fish in the net rather than pushing the peg (not sure if this was the right decision )


The lad to my right started getting the odd carp from his margin in the last ninety minutes and as i had been big potting mine with corn+pellet since the match started so i decided to give mine a whirl , i went out with a piece of corn on the hook and after five minutes my float dipped but the culprit wasn’t the carp or barbel required just a chub about 8oz no further indications ensued so i didn’t want to waste anymore time here so another re-feed before going back across . As we where approaching the last hour i decided to concentrate on one swim and hope that either the carp returned or i just get my head down catching the f1s+tench , i kept plodding away putting fish in the net when it suddenly went quiet i didn’t have to wait long to find the reason as my float shot under and i became attached to my first carp in ages but as i was finally getting it under control so i could ship back it popped off (not what i wanted )


I quickly went across again wanting to waste no more time as it was running out fast and finally i managed to put a few more carp in the net including one right on the whistle for all out , i knew that i had done my job but i also could see two other team members which struggled so i felt that the best we could hope for would be a draw .

The sections went like this ;

A section 33lb – 13lb lost

B section 6lb – 9lb won

C section 20lb – 5lb lost

D section 22lb – 43lb won

E section 43lb – 17lb lost

F section 16lb – 22lb won

So in the end it was a tie but we lost out on total weight by 30lb so just an extra 5lb a man would have got us through and a couple of lost carp here and there made a big difference to the final outcome i managed to get second but that was our only weight in the top four , but in the end we just wasn’t good enough so well done and good luck in the next round to Firtree AC. Not to sure yet if i am going to put a team in for next year because it takes a certain type of person to take a result like this on the chin and to be honest it really gutted me as i thought we could do well when we got the missing squad members back in the team .