Sycamore fisheries open match Silver birch


IMG-20140705-00249April 6th , peg 16

After Saturdays disappointment i really fancied having a nice easy match catching a few fish basically just trying to enjoy myself ( but things didn’t work out that way ) I decided to stay local so i went to Sycamore fishery and as it was a bank holiday i expected a good turn out , with it being a late draw i managed an extra hour in bed and even had time for a Mcds . On arrival at the complex there was a fair few people knocking about even a few from my old angling club Balmoral , it soon came round to draw time and yet again i pulled out what i thought was a good area to be in with peg 16 sticking to my hand . This was the fourth match on here over the long weekend so i wasn’t expecting the fishing to be great especially with it being warm , sunny , with light winds blowing towards Davids pool ( has summer finally arrived ) 


After settling in at my peg i decided to fish ;

3ft on both slopes

1ft tight across and margin

My bait was ;

2 pints maggots for fishing shallow or big potting tight across

1 pint 4mm pellets and 4mm expanders plus a bit of ground-bait


When the all in sounded i shipped out to 11m where i had earlier plumbed up to find a flat spot and tapped in a few micros with a nugget of ground-bait i obviously took it easy until i knew how the fish were going to respond to it going in , i lowered my expander in among it and proceeded to work the rig trying to entice a bite . Surprisingly it took less than five minutes before my float dipped with F1 number one hitting the net (not a bad start ) i was now in a bit of a quandary should i feed or not , i decided on the later and shipped back out again after a ten minute spell of working my rig i managed to fool another F1 into taking the pellet hook bait and after this one i decided to re feed but i think this some how scared them away as in the next hour i could only manage a couple of tench+skimmers which is not a good sign on here , i set up a couple more swims across at the same 3ft depth but this only produced a solitary stockie carp .


I had flicked six maggots onto my right hand near slope line since the match started but before i went on it i put two big pots of maggots tight across and while it settled i tried to catch on my top three-line i changed my rig for an on the drop shotting pattern , i began laying it through the falling maggots but twenty minutes without an indication wasn’t what i expected as i thought the barbel would be on the feed by now and i was on the verge of going across to where i potted the bait in earlier when my float dipped slightly with another F1 hitting the net but on my next drop i managed to foul hook a stockie which killed this part of my peg .


I had no other option other than to go across to the mud line at 14m this failed to produce anything apart from a carp which snapped my hook length because for some reason my elastic failed to come out (looked like it was going to be one of them days ) while i was fishing across i noticed a few groups of carp swimming just under the surface which wasn’t surprising in the calm sunny conditions they were no doubt thinking about other things , with this in mind i began loose feeding maggots at six meters and gave it a good go but failed to get a bite i found out after the match that others did catch shallow using pellet so maybe they just didn’t want maggots today .

Ninety minutes without an indication and with time seeming to stand still i was unsure what to do next i tried my 3ft line again where i caught at the start of the match but no indications were to be had , with no other option i went back across this time using pellets i tapped in a few micros at the side of some reeds then lowered my 4mm expander amongst it surprisingly my float buried instantly and a nice 3lb mirror hit the net soon followed by another of similar size but they definitely didn’t want to settle on the bait today , i spent the last hour picking up the odd stockie from various spots along the far-bank fishing six -inch of the deck a bit like summer dobbing .


With ten minutes to go i began to pack up and ended up tipping back 7 stockies , 5 F1s and a few tench+skimmers for about 20lb , all those towards the bottom end of Silver birch struggled today and you really needed to be where the ripple was as there seemed to be hundreds of fish up that end of the canal probably due to the water being more oxygenated their , so it came as no surprise to find out that pegs 1+20 finished in the top two places today both catching over 40lb .