Hewlitt pit


Thurs 9th April , peg 14

With the recent weather taking a turn for the better at long last as we had some sunshine + blue skies so i felt that i should make the most of it and get some shallow fishing done , i had originally planned on going to Gorses farm in Aspull but my mate fished it the day before and hadn’t done great ( i will reblog it later )¬†so i decided to go to water that i probably visit only once a year even though it is only five minutes from my house although it has a healthy head of F1s + big carp and responds really well to shallow work .


I managed to get to the fishery at around 2pm and after having had a brief chat with a regular on their in the car park who said it was black with fish on top but he struggled to catch fishing on the deck ! ! ! after my short walk to the water i saw four people fishing two on each side so i settled on peg 14 which was a good area to be in with an empty space either side of me , i decided to set up just two rigs ;

Jigga set 3ft deep with 012 garbo main line with a 010 hook length which had a size 18 f1 hook and a micro bait band

slapper set 1ft deep  with 012 garbo main line with a 010 hook length which had a size 18 f1 hook and a micro bait band

My bait was just two pints of soaked 4mm pellets and a small tub of oiled 4+6mm hard pellets .

I was set up in record time and managed to start fishing at 3pm as their was only me going shallow i didn’t need to go that far out so only went out to six meters , i fired in two pouches of 12 pellets then shipped out i expected it to be slow at first until i could get them competing but surprisingly it went straight away with an F1 about a pound making its way to the net and it pretty much stayed that way for the first hour i got into a nice routine of ;

Feed then ship out

Hook a fish get it on the top kit then feed again

It was all so simple really and i managed thirty F1s plus the odd chub in sixty minutes but in the second hour i even improved on this with forty coming to the net although i did suffer some quiet spells as a few people had a walk around the pond un settling the fish , with me catching so well i decided to have my first attempt at fishing the jigga rig and it took me awhile to get used to using it but i did manage a few although it didn’t feel right not watching the float going under although at least i have tried it before making my mind up about it .


With thirty minutes remaining i decided to try upping the feed just to see what would happen and to be honest it slowed my catch rate down with a few bubbles coming up off the deck so obviously there was plenty pellets getting to the bottom dragging the fish down , after three hours i called time on my session with 85 fish for about 120lb mostly F1s plus the odd chub making its way to the bank and i also had a few silvers which i didn’t count so all in all not a bad few hours shallow fishing and it made a change getting among the fish for the first time this year ( on a side note one of my Balmoral AC members broke the match record on their catching 81lb shallow )