Partridge lakes open match

April 12th , peg 52 covey three

I had been looking forward to fishing Partridge lakes all week as we had some nice sunny weather leading up to the match but fate was to take a hand in events because the day before it took a real turn for the worse with scattered showers and a bit of a breeze i just hoped that it wouldn’t spoil the fishing too much . On the morning of the match the conditions didn’t look to bad as the forecast showers had passed by overnight and in between the grey clouds their was the odd piece of blue sky also the forecast strong winds hadn’t turned up yet ( but it did later with a vengeance )

As i got to the complex there was plenty anglers knocking about and it turned out that 87 of us where to contest the match which is my biggest for quite some time and i usually have a good record in these type of events , with so many people here covey 1-5 plus spey would be in the draw bag and when it came for my turn to draw i pulled out peg 52 covey three ( yet again ) i noticed that in the past hour the wind had began to increase steadily and it was starting to become a bit of a problem .

On getting to my peg i was actually quite pleased although the wind was blowing straight into my face i had a nice calm spot with the split island acting as a nice wind break and their was also bubbles coming up all along the far-bank with the odd fish rolling in front of the empty platform , i quickly plumbed up a few areas across at 2.5ft and felt a couple of fish bump into the line as i did plus i set up a 4ft line which would do for both slopes .

My bait mainly revolved around pellets with 4mm , expanders , micro and ground-bait on my side tray but you just had to bring maggots here as it can often guarantee you a bite or two , it soon came to the all in and as soon as the whistle went the wind got considerably stronger changing direction in the process from blowing in my face but to a right to left which meant i could no longer fish across even though it was only nine meters to the far-bank i struggled with the ever increasing wind to no avail and the first hour passed without a bite similar to most anglers around me .

I had been feeding my top three line with six maggots every five minutes since the match started so i dropped on it hoping to at last get a few bites but it took another twenty minutes before my float dipped it wasn’t the f1 i was looking for but an ide about 10oz not a good sign , i used my far-bank rig to fish in front of the empty platform to the left which allowed me to have the wind off my back and this would hopefully allow me better presentation which it did for awhile but i still couldn’t get a proper bite .

I went back on to my only line which produced any indications after twenty minutes it finally slide under and ide number two hit the net but it wasn’t what i needed to catch , my pole then blew off the roller twice in quick succession a sure sign that the wind was getting stronger and my nets where nearly getting blown out of the water so with only half of the match gone , the weather showing no signs of improving i made the decision to pack up early for the second match running on here and as i drove home the heavens opened so i consoled myself with the fact that at least i wasn’t struggling in the wind+rain for little in the way of fish but more importantly i hadn’t broken anything because later in the day social media was full of tales of costly smashed pole sections and i plan to be back at Partridge lakes towards the end of the week when hopefully the conditions will be more suitable to fishing rather than win surfing .