Partridge lakes , open match

April 6th , Covey five peg 125


After Sundays awful match on here i was eager to get back and give it another go so after managing to book a few days off work and with the weather being nice+sunny i decided to take my chance for another trip to Partridge lakes to fish the open even though i don’t have that good a record on the mid-week matches but i still fancied catching a few .I thought that it was time for a worm+caster approach and the results from Tuesday’s contest seem to prove that fact with four of the top six weights caught using it so that is what i set my stall out on doing , on arriving at the venue there seemed quite a few people knocking about which wasn’t surprising in the nice weather and recent big weights coming out as it turned out their was over fifty anglers in the match so covey 1-5 would be in the draw bag and when it came for my turn i pulled out peg 125 on covey five it was obviously a good area ( as per usual ) but it is an out-and-out pellet water so the worm+caster would be staying in my bag also i would struggle to compete against covey 1-4 so my aim today was a lake win .


My peg was the first one over the bridge on the split so i had the point of the island and a reed lined left hand margin to attack and it looked really good although there was anglers on pegs 101 + 103 but i still had plenty room to draw fish from , i decided not to over complicate things so i set up just three rigs ;

Shallow – 0.2 pea float with 012 garbo line direct to a size 18 hook which had a micro bait band attached

2ft – 4×12 malman roob with 012 garbo main line and a 010 garbo hook length which had a size 20 matrix bagger hook

3ft – 4×10 malman roob with 012 garbo main line and a 010 garbo hook length which had a size 20 matrix bagger hook


As i mentioned earlier covey five was a good pellet water so that is what i had on my side tray ;

1 pint micro

1 pint 4mm

1 pint ground-bait

small tub 4mm expanders

I plumbed up various spots along the far-bank at 2ft trying to find an average depth so i could use the same rig but as it was still a bit cold with it being early morning i kicked off the match at 3ft , so when the all in sounded i shipped out to where i had found a flat spot earlier and tapped in some micros through a small cad pot before lowering my 4mm expander among it . I had left a few mm of bristle showing so that i could try to read the bites because there is a lot of small 8oz f1s in here and if you get your feeding wrong ( like i normally do ) you can get a lot of line bites and are constantly striking your pellet off , by working my rig and being careful with my feeding i managed a dozen fish in the first hour i would normally set myself a target twenty fish an hour on here but as i was catching mainly ghost carp or the bigger stamp F1 i felt my weight would be the same as if i caught more of the smaller f1s and i seemed to be doing better than those anglers around me .


In the second hour the bites began getting less positive probably due to the calm bright conditions or more like the fact i had over fed my swim so i added another shot to really dimple my float down in fact it was only just breaking the surface tension and by doing this i managed another half a dozen fish but it was getting noticeably slower , a change of swim was in order so i moved closer to the point of the island and proceeded to start again just like before the bites began really positive before going very finicky i couldn’t get the fish to settle ( thinking back i should have picked a couple of F1s from each swim rotating them to allow them to feel more confident ) I decided to feed a bit of ground-bait on my swim to see if that would attract some feeding fish but it had the opposite effect and killed my swim .

With just over two hours of the match gone i had 25 fish in the net for a similar weight in pounds so i didn’t think i was doing that bad and with it getting noticeably warmer my jacket came off then i picked up my 2ft rig thinking the fish would have moved further up the slope into the higher temp water , i set up two swims and tried to rotate them so i wasn’t spooking them as much after i had caught a couple of them and this worked well for an hour but i was now catching more of the smaller F1s but hardly any ghosties . I decided to leave fishing across allowing it to settle for a while and had a look on my left hand margin i started flicking 4mm pellets at the float which i later found out was a mistake because although i started getting a bigger stamp of F1 i was soon getting plagued by foul hookers and bumped fish i did try shallow down the edge but couldn’t get a bite , obviously it wasn’t long before i trashed my rig and then had to cut my lighter 3ft rig down i also began feeding balls of micros through a kinder pot i felt that this would help solve the problem but i could never really get it to work right for the last ninety minutes i only put eight fish in the net by rotating my far-bank swims and i lost at least double that amount .

As the all out sounded i felt my match had gone alright for the first three hours before i lost my way towards the end which is where you normally catch the majority of the fish and i ended up with 48 fish for 49lb for about fourth on the lake as pegs 117,121,124 all had over 60lb so i had blown another chance as my peg had the potential for at least 80lb . The match itself fished really well with 130lb winning from peg 14 and six weights over the ton predictably most had caught using worm+caster , im off to sycamore fisheries on Sunday before my Fisho qualifiers start so lets hope they fancy a munch on worms there too .