Spey canal , Partridge lakes

May 1st , peg 9


With my next Fisho qualifier at the Oaks fishery looming large on the horizon i had decided to book a day off work with the idea of going for a practice there but things conspired against me so i could only have a short session fishing , i had rung Partridge in the week to find out what waters would be available to pleasure anglers and i was surprised to find they all where apart from Covey six where a OAP match was taking place . I had originally wanted to have another try on peg 125 Covey five as this was were i fished on my last match here and struggled to keep the fish coming all day , but with the recent good weights coming from Spey canal and the fact that you had a nice chance of catching a big carp or two that is where i decided to go depending if there was room because it is a popular water at Partridge lakes .


So after dropping my little lad off at school i headed off to the venue which took a bit longer than i expected due to the traffic and i only arrived at the complex at nearly ten o’clock , i made my way round to the back car-park which is nearest to Spey canal and i was surprised to see only a couple of anglers fishing at the top end which was a bit more protected from the cold easterly wind . I decided to set up on peg nine which was in the middle of the straight and also the bank was a bit flatter behind so it would be a bit easier when shipping back , with it only being a short session i decided to target just two areas ;

Margin 2ft

Across 3ft

My bait was ;

2 pints red maggots

1 pint mixed micro and 4mm pellets

small tub 4mm expanders


At 1030 i was ready to get started so shipped out to the side of the far-bank reeds at 11m tapped in some pellets then lowered my expander among it and it didn’t take too long before my float dipped with F1 number one coming to the bank it was a nice stamp of fish at nearly the two-pound mark which is the average size for in here , a further twelve followed in a 25 minute spell before the bites started becoming a bit iffy which was no doubt down to my feeding again and i am struggling to keep a run of fish coming from one swim .


I set up a new one a meter to my right started again and i was back into the F1s this area lasted a lot longer with twenty more coming in an hour spell but when i caught a golden tench then a gudgeon the F1s had backed off , so i decided to rest my far-bank lines and went on to my top three swim where i had been loose feeding maggots every five minutes since i started fishing . First drop with double maggot on the hook resulted in a quick bite from yet another F1 and i was beginning to wonder if that is all i would be catching today but after a raft of them my swim went dead , i wondered what was going on when i noticed a big boil near where my float should have been but instead was my red matrix elastic streaming from my pole and after a five-minute fight i got it under control with a nice a carp about 8lb in the net understandably the disturbance unsettled the swim so i decided to rest it for a while .


Going back to my far-bank i started on double red maggot instead of pellets to see how this would compare  i tapped in a kinder pot full then lowered my hook bait among it , first drop the float buried missed bite after missed bite ensued before i finally hit one a big fat gudgeon hit the net not what i wanted to be catching . But after feeding a bit heavier i soon had the F1s lined up again and i even had a little ghostie too by swapping between my two lines i was on one a chuck from hard fighting big F1s .


As i was approaching my last hour i decided to concentrate on my margin to see if i can get another carp or too i decided to kinder pot the maggots rather than throw them in as it would create a tighter feed area this worked a treat and i was soon back getting a bite every time i went in it was noticeable that i would get an indication as soon as i fed and then nothing for ages but the more that i feed the better that i caught , at 230 i hooked another lump and at near 8lb i decided to call it my last fish of the session in total i had 56 F1s , 3 carp  1 golden tench and a chub not bad in just four hours fishing .


I am back at Partridge lakes on Sunday to contest the open where ninety anglers are due to turn up , weather depending of course because its forecast to be a bit windy and rainy i hope that i can do better than my last two weekend matches on here because i didn’t even finish both of them .


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