Oaks fishery , Fishomania qualifier

Cedar canal peg 69 , May 9th


This was my next to the last attempt at qualifying for Fishomania for the year and today it was at the Oaks fishery in Sessay yorkshire and i was really looking forward to this one as most of the information that i had managed to find on the internet and social media revolved around F1s+stockies on snake lakes with pellet+meat all of which i am quite good at fishing , for a change on these big matches i had a travelling companion The Big Dipper who will also be blogging the days events which i will also publish in a couple of days .

Although the venue was only 98 miles away the Sat Nav said it would take over ninety minutes to get there so an early start was required , at six o’clock i set off on my way to pick up my mate and the journey to the fishery was problematic to say the least with ;

East lancs shut due to road works

M62 motorway closed with a police incident

Temporary lights on the detour which held up traffic causing my van to overheat as we were stationary for over forty minutes .

It was nearly 8 am and we were still over an hour away from the fishery and moving really slowly through the country roads stuck behind lorries we figured that there must be plenty other anglers stuck in the traffic so we rang the Oaks to inform them off our plight and to see what they could do because it is something that i haven’t encountered before , luckily they was quite understandable about it and said they would mark our names down as on our way so we wouldn’t lose our places to a reserve  . When we finally got to the venue the draw was well underway and we joined the queue right at the back but a few others were even later than us , as it came round to my turn to draw i picked out peg 69 on Cedar canal which was one of the snake lakes that i fancied drawing on and it will come as no surprise to hear that yet again it made the hot pegs list on the twittermania news feed my third time in my last three fishomania qualifiers .


We were both starving after the early morning start so we both grabbed a bacon sandwich and had a quick chat about how best to attack our lakes in the café before making our way to our respected pegs my home for the day was your typical snake lake peg ;

14m to the far-bank which was reed lined with a bare mud line in between

Reed lined margin which was over 2ft deep and also an empty peg to my right .

I decided to keep things simple fishing it the same as i would on any snake lake found around here and the only thing i changed was my channel swim because i found that it was only 4ft deep so didn’t bother putting that in , so my fishing lines today are ;

4ft bottom both slopes

3ft deep in margin

2ft deep a foot away from the far-bank


My bait today was ;

2 pints of meat cubed in both 4mm+6mm

2 pints of fishery 4mm pellets

small tub 4mm+6mm expanders

small tub mixed hard pellets

I was ready to go just before the 11 o’clock start then we heard that it would be delayed for another thirty minutes to give those that arrived late more time to set up this didn’t go down to well with a few anglers near me because they had travelled all the way from near London and would only be getting home around midnight but it just goes to show the popularity of the competition , when the whistle finally sounded in the distance i shipped out to the bottom of the far slope with a large kinder pot full of meat plus a few pellets it took a couple of feeds before i managed my first indication which i missed and i then proceeded to bump my next two fish off things weren’t going to well with me being fishless after thirty minutes i stepped up my hook size to an 18 LWG guru i was still able to bury it into my cube of meat and this seemed to solve my missed bite problem as i went on a run of six F1s but yet again for some reason i began missing bite after bite again with only the odd fish in between , it was beginning to do my head in but i was still keeping up with those anglers around me although i felt that i needed to catch them quicker to be in with a chance for my section or better .


I had been loose feeding meat on to my top three-line since the match had started and i needed this to work or i could be left scratching around for bites , first drop my float buried elastic shot out and i was attached to a big carp but only briefly as some how it broke my 012 hook length ! ! All the disturbance killed my margin swim so i went back out to my 11m line this produced a few more F1s before the missed bites returned i was picking up the odd fish put it began getting very patchy , for the next two hours no matter where i tried i couldn’t get a run of more than two F1s or carp and thinking back i probably spent too long chopping+changing rather than concentrating on my most successful line .


In the last ninety minutes i swapped between my two swims at the bottom of both slopes and i managed to keep the fish coming for the rest of the match with the odd skimmer in between by feeding a big pot of meat+pellets every twenty minutes this seemed to slow down the missed bites , as the all out sounded it called time on a rather frustrating match i probably had enough fish in front of me for a section win but fished it all wrong with missed bites being a proper head scratcher . When the scales came round to me 27 kilos was leading the section and i only managed 20 kilos about 45lb , my mate The Big Dipper had done a lot better winning his section and finishing in the top ten on his first ever fishomania qualifier with 29 kilos , the lessons i learned today was never leave feeding fish even if you do think that the bites aren’t coming quickly enough because by feeding correctly you can soon have them lined up like i did at the end so lets hope that i can do better on my last chance at Partridge lakes my home venue kind off .

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