Gorses farm fishery

May 10th


After yesterday’s long day at the Oaks fishomania qualifier i understandably didn’t fancy getting up early to contest another match and in fact i had planned on having a family day but the kids were either busy revising or wanted to play out with their friends so me and the Mrs took the dogs out for a walk in the wood in the morning before the lure of catching a few fish reared its head well it was a Sunday after all .

With me only getting a few hours on the bank i decided to stay local and as Gorses farm was only ten minutes away that fitted the bill exactly , the last time i fished it i bagged up fishing paste before going shallow and that’s how i decided to target it again today . On arrival at the venue i noticed that the wind was surprisingly quite strong although it is a rather open to the elements , i decided to set up with the wind off my back on a part of the lake which i hadn’t been on before .


You don’t need to fish that far out on here with most of the locals using just their top kits so i set up my top four and plumbed up to find 4ft it was also easy to loose feed 4mm pellets over the top which would hopefully bring them up in the water although recent drop in temperature i wasnt that sure it would work , i put in a big pot of micros then proceeded to try to get the correct depth of my paste rig which also went towards feeding the peg hopefully attracting any passing carp . It didn’t take long before i had my first fish which was the usually 2lb mirror carp i then had a bit of a wait before my next fish but it was only the start of my session and i expected the swim to build up as the day progressed with the carp being attracted to the constant rain of pellets .


In the first hour i was catching quite well getting a fish every five minutes all your standard mirror carp it wasn’t as hectic as my last visit on here but it was an enjoyable day because i don’t do that much paste fishing these days , there was the odd fish topping but i couldn’t attract a bite fishing shallow so i didn’t persevere that long fishing shallow and instead changed it for a margin swim because my Mrs was bringing the little lad down later so it would be easier for him to fish the top kit .


In the next ninety minutes i concentrated on my paste rig to see how many that i could catch plus i wanted to try getting them in quicker which would come in useful when summer bagging it wasn’t that long before they turned up and i had a few pictures taken then little George was eager for a turn , i had fed the margin for nearly an hour to get a few fish in the swim before he had turned up so i wasnt that surprised when the float disappeared instantly which he of course missed but with a little help he hit the next one and landed a nice little mirror carp all on his own .

I should probably take him somewhere a bit harder next time although at his age it’s all about catching fish and stopping him getting bored so that he keeps enjoying it asking to keep coming fishing .


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