Wrightington fisheries , Rivi view

May 22nd , peg 27


After booking a day’s holiday off work i planned to spend it fishing and fancied going some where a bit different , i hadn’t been to Wrightington fisheries for nearly two years when i needed to get my section to win my old Balmoral AC which i managed and with it being mainly carp in it i decided to head they’re hoping that the fish would be in a feeding mood packing on weight before they start spawning . At about nine o’clock i headed off on the thirty minute journey to the venue the traffic was pretty kind considering it was rush hour and i had to travel through Wigan town center , on arrival i was really surprised at how many cars were knocking about and at first i thought that their might have been a match on but luckily there wasn’t although with over a dozen anglers already fishing all the best pegs had been taken so i had to settle on peg 27 which gave me plenty of open water to target plus i had a nice reed lined margin which had the wind blowing into it the lake looked pretty much the same as on my last visit although all the trees on the island had been chopped right back .


I set up three rigs to cover my options ;

Margin . after plumbing up at the side of the reeds i found it to be over 2ft deep and i had originally planned on using ground-bait but at this depth i felt particles would be the better option , i used a series three 0.3 matrix float with 014 garbo line and a size 14 LWG hook .

Shallow , this is normally a banker option on here especially when there has been a bit of sun on the water , i used a size 02 Drennon crystal dibber float set 2ft deep which would allow me to go shallower if required my main line was 014 garbo with a n 012 garbo hook length attached was a size 16 hook which had a bait band attached .

13m deck, i plumbed up to find nearly a top kit depth so i used a 04 series three matrix float , i started with a spread bulk shotting pattern to allow for a slower fall but later changed to a bulk and two droppers .My main line was 014 garbo which had an 012 garbo hook length and a size 16 hook with a bait band .

My bait for the day was ;

2 pints 4mm pellets

2 pints 6mm pellets

1 pint of corn


At ten o’clock i was ready to go so shipped out to 13m and deposited a cupping kit full of 4mm pellets before going over the top of it with an 8mm banded pellet , i had planned on flicking half a dozen pellets every couple of minutes to try to get them up in the water which is a method that i like doing and works well on here it didn’t take long before i had my first indication with carp number one hitting the net at around 5lb i hoped that they are all this size . By continuously pinging pellets at my float i kept the bites ticking over mainly from carp but with the odd big skimmer mixed in between and even in the cold blustery conditions there was still the odd fish topping i had also began getting some liners so i took the opportunity to pick up my shallow rig , i had a quick mirror carp then nothing apart from the odd greedy roach that took a liking to my 8mm pellet which i thought was strange because it’s normally a good method on here i put this down to the changeable weather recently so i decided to start feeding a bit heavier to keep them on the deck instead of scattering the pellets in from a height to try to get the carp up in the water i was now pouring them in trying not to make too much disturbance i hoped this would help keep them on the bottom as well .



With the wind increasing all the time blowing directly into my right hand margin i decided to put in two cups of pellets+corn on this top three-line and would top it up every twenty minutes , while i let it to settle i went back long on the deck i had altered my shotting pattern from a more on the drop staggered bulk to a more direct bulk and two droppers this got me back catching carp again but after a while the peg started fizzing as a shoal of skimmers had settled over the feed and this meant i was beginning to miss more bites than i hit so i gave the swim rest . I went on to my margin line and on my first drop with double corn on the hook my float kept on going thinking that i was too far down the near side shelf with the weight of the hook bait dragging the float under but as i dragged it up closer to the reeds my Matrix 14 yellow elastic shot out , after a spirited fight a near double figure carp hit the net which was the biggest of the day so far another slightly smaller mirror carp followed before a barbel got in on the action these had almost doubled in size since my last visit here .


After all the commotion on my margin swim it had died a little so a refeed was in order another two big pots went in and while it settled i went back on to my long line thankfully the fizzing had subsided , i decided to feed by catapult putting in three big pouches in rather than by big potting the bait in because this would spread the bait over a wider area , by working my rig in the two meter feed area i began catching the carp again although they wasn’t the same size as i had got on this line earlier they were now the smaller 3lb old carp which looked like the original stock because their mouths were ruined and i don’t know if this was down to how i was putting the feed in but it is something to think about .


My wife had turned up nearly three hours into my session to bring me some dinner so i had a ten minute break and while she was here i took the opportunity for some catch shots which i don’t get chance to when fishing on my own , with my margin swim producing the bigger fish i had a try there within five minutes my float shot under and another decent carp made its bid for freedom which made for some nice pictures even though i took my time playing it for the camera all the disturbance hadn’t put the carp off with another of similar size soon following it .


I worked out that i could get two big carp from the margin before i needed to put some more feed in then it would take at least twenty minutes before they came back so instead of just sitting there waiting i went back long to pick up a few smaller carp or skimmers , after five hours my alarm went off as even when pleasure fishing i try to fish the match hours i had managed to catch 25 carp between 3lb + 15lb but with still a bit of bait left on my side tray i decided to stay for a while longer to use it up , i decided to concentrate on my margin swim to see if i could get any more lumps and it looked like i had made the right decision as i added a further five carp including a couple of donkeys which fought like mad .


In the end i had probably caught 100lb of carp plus 20lb of skimmers+barbel and i had really enjoyed my day’s fishing even if the weather wasn’t the best , it certainly made a change from catching the usual f1s+stockies and im off to Old Hough fisheries to contest a little match on Big Max on Sunday which is another venue i haven’t fished before i wonder what that has in store for me ?


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