UFC Mini League, Match 2, Hall Lane – Bessie’s, 26.04.15


Weather: Sunny 9C, NW 15-20mph wind, Air Pressure 1020

7 Fished

Peg 1

This match was scheduled to be on Sixfields Fishery but on arriving we discovered it was double booked, with Whiston AC turning up as well.  After a lot of uncertainty whilst waiting for our members to turn up, Tim rang Richard from Hall Lane who informed us that Bessie’s was free and we could fish a match, so we did the decent thing and let Whiston fish Sixfields with their 11 anglers and chose not to squeeze on with them. We had a poor turnout of 11 for the Sixfields match and with 4 of them choosing not to fish the rearranged match, we were only left with 7 anglers, but we decided to fish the match anyway.

I drew a peg I was happy with, being the first peg at the end of the entrance path at Bessie’s (I…

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