Partridge lakes open match

May 30th , Covey 3 peg 75


With my fishomania qualifier coming up soon i decided to make a conscious effort to attend as many matches on Partridge lakes as i could to try to get back in touch with the F1 fishing on the coveys as i hadn’t been there for over a month and it started with a double-header there this weekend , the weather overnight was pretty bad with strong winds + heavy rain although it was forecast to be a bit better today so fingers crossed they had got it right . On arrival at the venue i met up with my mate who had not been there before which is always a bit nerve-wracking attending a big match on a new venue and nearly seventy anglers would be contesting it today , so after grabbing a bacon buttie we went for a walk round the Coveys so i get give him the benefit of all my wisdom after fishing the place for nearly four years ( or more like how not to fish it )

When we got back to the cabin it was nearly time for the draw so we joined the queue towards the rear and waited our turn , my home for the day would be peg 75 which i originally thought was the first peg on Covey four not the best of areas and i was cursing my luck as i drove round to the far car-park but it turned out that i had got it wrong and in fact i was on the end of the split on Covey three ( i knew my drawing arm had not deserted me ) After a bit of a trek i finally reached my peg and i had an empty peg to one side and the breeze started just to my left blowing towards pegs 59 + 60 , so i had a nice ripple in front of me which i thought would be ideal for fishing shallow although the wind was quite cold plus all the recent rain might have a bearing on today’s events .


My rigs today were the standard ;

Margin 0.3 matrix series three float with 014 garbo with an 012 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix eyed hook and a micro bait band .

Far-bank 0.3 matrix series three float with 012 garbo with an 012 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix eyed hook and a micro bait band .

Shallow , 0.2matrix series three float set ft deep which i usually find to be the correct depth on here it had a 012 garbo with an 012 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook

Top three paste rig , 0.4 scone float set 5ft deep with 014 garbo direct to a size 14 turbertini 808 hook

I had decided to change my usual baits today or rather talked myself it fishing something against the norm on here because it all revolved around hard pellets which i was confident in using after last weeks win on Old Houghs Big Max but all venues respond differently to bait at this time of year ;

2 pints soaked 4mm pellets

1 pint paste

tub mixed hard pellets for the hook

2 pints maggots for fishing shallow


I decided to start by fishing across at the side of some reeds before the wind got too strong , i had earlier plumbed up to find a 2ft deep flat area and i tapped in a large kinder pot full of 4mm pellets before lowering my 6mm hook bait amongst it , after a couple of feeds and lift+drops i managed to get my first indication which resulted in an F1 of around the 1.5lb mark another one quickly followed , so i understandably felt that i had landed on a few but even after setting up multiple swims along the far bank i couldn’t get any more bites which was strange . Since the match started i had been loose feeding maggots on my 6m shallow line so decided to give that a whirl but all i could get was ide or tiny dips on the float which i later found out were from micro roach ( things wasn’t going to well ) i decided to keep feeding the shallow line while i went onto my margin swim which i had set up at four meters to the point of the island towards my right , i cupped in some 4mm pellets and went over the top with an 8mm pellet on the hook my reasoning behind it was that it would be a heavier hook bait and the F1s wouldn’t be able to waft it about as easy .


This kind of worked because after a ten minute wait my float shot under and a little carp of around 3lb hit the net a couple of big f1s got in on the act too but it was very slow going , after two hours i had less than 15lb on my clicker and things wasn’t going to plan and i decided to try paste on my top three-line between my keepnets i did manage  a couple of small fish here but i was getting hardly any indications (not good) As a last resort i decided to set up a rig for fishing in the channel underneath where i had been loose feeding the maggots i don’t tend to set this rig up on the Coveys anymore because i really struggle to catch using it but to be honest i had no other option because everything else hadn’t worked for me .

4×12 malman roob float set 6ft deep with 012 garbo main line and a 010 garbo hook length which had attached a size 18 matrix bagger hook my shotting pattern was a strung out bulk allowing for a slow fall in the bottom half of the water .

My first drop using my channel rig and my float slowly slide under this resulted in another f1 hitting the net and i had a ninety minute golden spell putting another 30lb on the clicker a mixture of ide + f1s , but in the last forty minutes they disappeared and i was left rotating my swims trying to get a fish which i managed from my margin just before the all out this quiet spell has really done my head in over the last few matches and i have probably only caught three fish in them because its supposed to be the best time to build up a weight . As the all out sounded it called time on another rather confusing match on here the first half of it was a total waste of time but i did manage a few in the middle of it before a lousey end .


I had 45lb on my clicker but might have a bit more if i am lucky and when they came to weigh in i was surprised to see 58lb on the scales although the lad on peg 73 had caught over 70lb fishing maggots all day so as i had expected over complicating things and not taking the correct bait had cost me my section or better because when i saw the results on face book when i got home the lad who beat me had in fact got second in the match , lets hope i can do better tomorrow when i am back for another try what i do know though is I’m only taking maggots and with a kind draw i hope to catch a few although the weather forecast is for strong wind + rain but we will see how it pans out .




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