Partridge lakes , open match

May 31st , Covey peg 73


After yesterday’s eventful match on here where i over complicated things plus took the wrong bait , i was looking forward to trying to fish a better contest and hoped to draw some were which would give me a chance of catching a few . Overnight there had been another deluge of rain and i woke to find grey skies with strong winds which was forecast to increase during the day (not the best conditions ) but i was still eager to go .

As i was travelling down on my own again today i decided to set off a bit later than usual (so no bacon buttie for me ) on arriving at Partridge lakes i went to pay my pools and pick my default section up from yesterdays contest , as i mentioned earlier simplicity was the key for todays match so i picked up four pints of red+white maggots from the on site tackle shop and then joined the queue for the draw . When it came to my turn out i pulled peg 73 on Covey three which was only two away from yesterday and the same peg that got second (always been lucky in the draw bag) so i had the perfect opportunity to try to write some wrongs although the conditions i faced were i lot worse .


On arriving at my peg which was the second one over the bridge on the split and the wind was howling through the gap blowing towards 59+60 this had a bearing on how i would target the match because fishing further than 6m was out of the question and i decided to set up just three rigs ;

6m channel , i used the same rig as yesterday after plumbing up i found it to be six-inch shallower which handily would allow me to have a longer lash giving me better control in the conditions , i used a 4×12 Malman Roob float with 012 garbo main line an 010 garbo hook length and a size 18 Matrix bagger hook .

Margin rig , i decided to try to find 2ft because i didn’t feel they would be tight to the bank with all the recent rain going in and yet again i used the same rig as yesterday a Matrix series three float with 014 garbo main line attached to a 010 garbo hook length and a size 18 Matrix bagger hook .

Top three rig situated between my keepnets this was the same line that i fished paste on yesterday but i would be fishing maggots there today , i used a 4×12 Malman Roob float with a bulk + dropper shotting pattern my main line was 012 garbo attached to a 010 garbo hook length which had a size 20 Matrix bagger hook attached .

My side tray was a picture of simplicity containing just 4 pints of red+white maggots so no chance of me over complicating things although i maybe hadn’t brought enough bait with me as it worked out at just over a pint on each line split over five hours , also my Matrix pop up tent was making its first airing today as well and it performed admirably in the windy conditions although the forecast rain didn’t arrive .


When the all in sounded i began on my top three-line and started loose feeding a dozen maggots every few minutes to try to draw some fish into the swim and when i started getting bites i would increase the amount but less often to help keep them on the deck making them easier to catch , after about ten minutes i had my first indication with a nice sized f1 hitting the net i was being careful not to play the fish in front of me guiding it to my right so i would not disrupt the shoal . In the first hour i managed half a dozen f1s plus the odd ide which was better than those around me so i kept plodding along on this line but i knew it wouldn’t last forever so i began feeding my six meter channel swim with half a cupping kit full of maggots every twenty minutes , after two hours i had 25lb on my clicker and i was well on my way to my target weight but even though i had been heavy feeding on this line i began suffering with line bites which to be honest i didn’t expect on my top three-line .


I went on to my channel swim a bit earlier than i wanted to but i caught pretty steady for an hour with a mixture of f1s + big ide although it was hard work controlling the float in the conditions and no doubt i missed the usual little dinks from those crafty big f1s , suddenly the bites began to tail off so i decided to put in a pot of maggots before giving my margin line a try , i had flicked a few bits of bait there since the match started so i expected some sort of response but i didn’t even have a liner in twenty minutes . Back onto my top three-line and the bites were really slow in coming but unlike on my other swims at least i was getting indications and as we were fast approaching the final hour i decided to stick it out between my keepnets to try to add some much-needed weight to my catch but yet again it was a virtual write off with just two f1s heading my way while other anglers around me were catching a lot better .


The all out soon sounded and as per usual on here i only fished half a good match and i really need to sort out my last ninety minutes as it is costing me a framing chance i managed to catch thirty f1s plus a dozen ide which when the scales arrived they went 48lb this was good enough for my second section in two days on here but i still have plenty to think about before my next visit at the beginning of June .


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