Partridge lakes , Marsh canal

peg 10 , 4th June


Another early dart from work and the weather being warm with light winds so why not make the most of it , i decided on a trip to Partridge lakes as it was only ten minutes from work and i fancied a try on one of the few waters that i had not fished before so drove round to the back car-park on the complex i settled on Marsh canal which was very similar to Spey canal with it being 13m wide and lots of far-bank vegetation . I was surprised to see quite a few people on it as it isn’t usually the most popular water here , i walked up to the middle of the canal which allowed me a bit of room and with it being sunny i thought it would be good for a bit of shallow or mud bank work .


After plumbing up i was a little surprised to find 4ft tight to the far side reeds and 3ft near the margin not ideal in the conditions , so i decided that i would set up three rigs ;

Far-bank 4ft

Margin 3ft

Shallow 2ft

My bait was going to revolve around worm+caster and i know what you’re thinking that i have had some bad experiences using it , but it was the bait doing the damage at Tunnel Barn Farm and as i will be there in a few weeks to contest the Pole Fishing Masters Festival so i needed to get my head around using it .

Casters half a pint

Micros half a pint

Quarter of a kilo of washed worms

All put in one tub .

At 3 o’clock i was about ready to get started so filed my kinder pot and with an inch segment of worm on the hook i shipped out to the far-bank after five minutes my float dipped and a foul hooked gudgeon came to the bank , another feed was in order this seemed to do the trick as a big F1 was my next fish and a further half a dozen more quickly followed . After a while i began getting a few liners which wasn’t surprising with the constant bait going in so i picked up my 2ft half depth rig and i started splodging the feed in from a height this caused a nice splash which attracted some nice Ide into the swim , i thought that the F1s would soon muscle them out-of-the-way but all i caught on this rig where Ide but at over a pound they were well worth catching .


The double breaking down because of the steep banking behind the peg was beginning to get on my nerves so i decided to give shallow in the channel a try to see how i got on but after twenty minutes all i had to show for it was a couple of Rudd plus the odd missed bite , i gave this up as a bad job and went back across but this time on the deck i also increased the size of the bait to half a worm just to see the response i got .After a couple of missed bites by being a tad eager on the strike i finally put another run of F1s together including a couple around the three-pound mark , with an hour of my session remaining i decided to spend it fishing my margin as i had flicked a few morsels of bait for the past ninety minutes and within thirty seconds my float shot under with another big F1 hitting the net .


After three hours i called time on my short but enjoyable session and a banished a few demons regarding the bait i ended up with 28 F1s , a  dozen Ide and a few silvers including a nice bream for between 40+50lb , i suppose the proof will come when i try the bait combo in a match which i intend to do at Partridge lakes on Saturday but i will no doubt end up on the pellet dominated Covey five .


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